Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Weigh-in Wednesday

Official Weigh-in Day: 236.4

Loss: - 22.4 

Loss since I was banded 9/22/10: -4.3

My first official weigh-in is over and my scales are gonna get chunked out the window. I weighed 3 different times on our new scale, with the lowest 234.5 and once on the old scale. My official weight came up on both, so that's what I went with. Does anyone have a scale they recommend. I am not happy with our new one. How can I get totally crazy numbers like that?

Today was my 1 week post-op follow-up with my Physician, in which I got cleared to start the Wellness Center. Also, I get to start soft foods today! [o happy day!] I am so excited. I feel like I have a glow; something I haven't had in a long time.

Saturday is the our county walk for obesity, sponsored by the Hospital and Wellness Center. Ashley Johnston and Koli, the winner and runner-up from last season's Biggest Looser, will be there. I really want to walk but am getting 3 of my neices and nephews Friday night so I have to coordinate their visit. I love the BL! I find so much motivation in thier stories and feel so good that I will be excercising right along with them this year. Oh and the fact that Bob Harper isn't that shabby to look at.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Who's got beef?

Just some awesome info from our little friends at the FDA.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) allows a cut of beef to be labeled as lean if it has less than 10 g of total fat, 4.5 g of saturated fat, and 95 mg of cholesterol per 3-oz serving (about the size of a deck of cards). Beef can be labeled extra lean if it has less than 5 g of total fat, 2 g of saturated fat, and 95 mg of cholesterol per serving. 

Prime or Select? The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), which creates the Dietary Guidelines and MyPyramid, also stamps beef products with quality grades that refer to tenderness, juiciness, and flavor, but don’t confuse use of the term "quality" with wholesomeness. While USDA Prime is the highest quality, the leanest cuts are USDA Select, so these are your best options -- they should have the least amount of fat "marbling" (fat distributed within the lean part) when you look at them. 

USDA Choice cuts have moderate amounts of fat and should be purchased less often. USDA Prime cuts have the highest amounts of fat and are typically served in restaurants rather than sold at supermarkets. Ground beef is stamped with a percentage to indicate its fat content; choose packages that are 90% or more lean. 

All pork sold to the general public is graded USDA Acceptable. (Unacceptable-quality pork, graded U.S. Utility, is not sold in supermarkets.) Today’s pork has considerably less fat than just 10 years ago, as a result of changes in the genetic makeup of breeding stock that produces leaner animals as well as more fat getting trimmed off in processing. Look for cuts that are firm and grayish pink, with a small amount of fat around the outside. 

Normally only two grades of lamb and veal are available to consumers. Choose USDA Choice, which has slightly less fat marbling than USDA Prime. USDA Grade A is the highest grade of poultry and the only one you’re likely to find at a store; simply look for the best-trimmed products you can find. White-meat chicken and turkey with no skin remain your healthiest options, with only up to  g of fat per ounce. 

Also keep in mind that within the various USDA grades of beef, lamb, and pork, certain products are FDA stamped as lean while others that contain more fat are not. So, even though you may be buying a U.S. Select piece of beef, you should still check to see that it says “lean” on the package, too. 

The following are the leanest choices of meat and poultry, to help you make the best selections when planning your meals:

  • Beef: Round steaks and roasts (eye round, top round, bottom round, or round tip), top loin, top sirloin, chuck shoulder, arm roasts, ground round, and ground sirloin (at least 90% lean)
  • Poultry: Chicken, turkey, and Cornish hen with no skin (white meat is leaner than dark)
  • Pork: Tenderloin, center loin, pork loin, sausage with 1 g fat per ounce or less, and Canadian bacon
  • Lamb and Veal: Chop or roast
  • Sandwich Meats: Lean turkey and lean ham
Besides purchasing lean cuts, the way you prepare meats and poultry can help cut additional fat and calories. Trim off any visible fat or skin before cooking meats and poultry, and don’t dip them in batter or slather them in butter or creamy sauces. You should bake, broil, grill, roast, steam, or boil; don’t fry. Drain excess fat while cooking by placing the meat on a rack in a pan or by using a grill with a slanted surface to encourage fat drainage.

Lots of good stuff here also.

Calorie quiz for the ladies

Check it out here.

And the survey says....

BOOB'S looked fabulous. All the girls looked Amazing. Yes, I am jealous. And yes, I cannot wait until the next event. I will be there! As kind of a "closet" bandster, I don't have more than a handful I can casually chat with about all the good, the bad, and the success with the band and with those, none have the band. I'm kind of all alone. I know I am a newbie around these parts but so far, the support is amazing and I look forward to each new update that shows it's pretty little face in my dashboard. I love getting to know everyone.

Tomorrow is my 1-week post op follow-up and my first official weigh-in. I've done perfect and I can't wait to hop on the scales. The liquid-diet phase of this entire journey has been the worst! Oy! I've only got a few hunger pains but nothing a sip or two of water hasn't controlled. I'm eating about 1-1 1/2 cups of food per day. Now, with that said, I feel comfortable but I'm not sure if my intake is a result of restriction or just my extreme willpower and the I am getting this right efforts. My fill is in 3 weeks. I can tell you I am craving seafood like a mother'.

Can I pick your brain? So, my birthday is coming up in 4 days. I am stuck on the gift I really, really want. A Polar Watch or a Bodybugg. What do you think? Do you have personal experience with either? Your feedback would rock!

Curious, any band ladies near or in Tennessee?


Monday, September 27, 2010

I have a confession to make.....

protein shakes have become vile, discusting fluids that I am finding harder and harder to choke down. And, this morning was the first one I made myself drink in almost a week. slapping my hand. I just told my fellow band sister she has to drink her shakes, and here I am slaking royaly. I will do better this week. I will have two a day; moving on.

I have posted some pics from the day of my surgery. I can't believe it's almost been a week. Wednesday will be my weigh-in day and I am excited to post official numbers and lost since surgery. Recovery has been pretty smooth and I am back at the office today. I love my career and the people I work with; I missed it while I was out.

Waiting to go to surgery; the hat was no fashion statement!

cuties :)

When my husband first came back in recovery; I was sleeeeeping like a baby.

still sleeeeeeping.

2 of my 3 incisions; the other is in the belly button. ewee.

As for a NSV, this morning I fit into pants I outgrew about 5 - 6 months ago. They are my favorite Old Navy pants in the world and also a corporate work shirt I was never able to fit into! Can't wait to weigh-in this week for official numbers.

loving this!

One more thing, someone said I was loosing weight already this morning. That made my day! 

Saturday, September 25, 2010

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y love.

I'm officially in-love with Campbell's Cream of Potato w/ a dash of Lemon Pepper Seasoning. I have a feeling my liquid/cream diet for the next two weeks will have lots of the yummy goodness!

I am doing well. My port incision in still the sorest, mainly when standing and sitting. I had minor gas pain yesterday when I rode to the store with my sweet husband, but it quickly subsided. I've had major couch time the last few days. I'm actually getting a bit stir crazy and think we might mosey to his parents later for a visit.

On a side note, have I mentioned how happy I am fall is here? I cannot wait to get all my decor out and start baking yummy goodies for the nieces and nephews. Hope your having a great weekend!

welcome fall; i'm so glad your here. 

Friday, September 24, 2010

psst...I'm Banded!

Sorry I am just now updating; I spent Wednesday and yesterday resting and wasn't online.

The surgery went perfect! I arrived at 6:30 for registration. They called me back around 6:50 to put my gown on and start my IV. Around 7:20 they gave me a dose of "i don't care" medicine via my IV, that Jay said worked instantly. I don't remember much after that except rolling into surgery and changing beds. The next thing I know, I woke up in recovery! Surgery lasted about 2 hours; they removed my gallbladder first. I was in recovery phase I for about an hour and a half; I'm very sensitive to medicine so it took a bit longer for me to wake up. Once I was coherent enough to move to a chair, I was moved to my main recovery room where my family came back. I was home around 1:00.

Since, I've mostly slept. I've not had much gas at all; what I've had hasn't been painful. My abdomen and incisions have been sore, but only when moving or trying to readjust. I only have 2 incisions outside the one through my belly button; I was surprised. I took a shower today; which was nice! Over all, it's been an easy process. Since Wednesday, I've had a few popsicles and a few sips of beef broth. I've had no appetite and have been comfortable.

I'll update more soon as well as a few pics my husband took. Miss reading everyone's blogs; have fun in Chicago!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Holy Rockstar!

In less than 21 hours, I will be an official member of lovely band'divas. Finally, finally, finally, finally; after this crazy and incredibly long journey [silly insurance companies] I will be banded. Yes, my stomach is in knots. Yes, my eyes are filled with tears. Yes, I am so incredibly anxious and happy and can't wait to officially [and finally] have control.

I realized last night that I have never not been fat. I've been smaller than I am now, but still fat. Even as a child, I was the chubby one. Maybe I am a bit nervous about not being fat. It's all I have really ever known. Once when I was smaller, I got a glimpse of how differently life is as a thinner person. Believe it or not, it's true. I kind of explained it once as my world is great, but black and white. The smaller I got, color started to appear. What if my face changes? What if I look older? What if my personality changes? My life is about to totally change; am I prepared for how deep the change will go? I think I am. In no way do I doubt my decision or if this is right for me. I know it is. I can't wait to run again. I can't wait to look in the mirror and smile at what I see. To feel beautiful, from the inside. To let my husband touch me, and feel sexy. To look someone in the eye and feel as confident as my hand shake.

goodbye unhappiness. goodbye unhealthiness. goodbye unattractiveness. hello beautiful life.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Drum roll please............

I was going to wait until Wednesday too post my official pre-op loss but being the impatient person I am, I couldn't wait. Since August 4, which was my Nutrition Consultation and the day my file was complete for insurance submission, I have lost -18.1.  Holy cheese that's exciting!! 11 of those I dropped in the past 2 weeks on the liquid diet. I've went from 258.8 to 240.7. I am so happy. Like, a little extra bounce in my step happy.


A little NSV to report. These are one of my favorite pairs of pants. They are not true jeans,  little dressier but look like jean material. Sadly I had out grown them a few months ago; this morning, they zipped, button and belted right up.

fitting back into one of my favorite pairs of pants makes me so happy!

Anesthesiologist Consult

My Anesthesiologist appointment was this morning. I had to have a few labs drawn as well as a chest x-ray. They went over what to expect on Wednesday, what time to be there, where the family would wait, etc. From the moment I walked in prior to registration up until the time I left, I cried I think 3 times. I really didn't get nervous until today. I'm nervous over the IV, the actual surgery, waking up, blood clots, etc... not the band or if I am making the right decision, etc. I know the band will be a success. I worry about getting there. I've only had one other operation; I was 10 and it was my tonsils. So, I'm stressing a little bit. They will call tomorrow between 3:00-5:00 to confirm my 6:30a appointment on Wednesday; surgery will be at 7:30a. The gallbladder will take about 45 minutes and the banding 30-45. I should be in around 2 hours. I'm going to stop on my way home and get some super cute knee socks to wear with my adorable PJ's my mom bought me. Yes, even in surgery I'll be representing cuteness.

waiting to get my chest x-ray; 2 more days til surgery!!!!!!
thank you's

Thank you for all your support and comments. I always try my best to get back around to your pages but sometimes it takes a day or two; I never want you to think they aren't important to me. This is such a fabulous support group.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y love.

The weekend is here and I am only 4 days away from surgery. The past 10 days have only gotten easier and the new me is well on it's way. The scales continue to make me happy; I'll report my official pre-op weight on Tuesday. Honestly, the liquid diet turned out way much easier than what I initially thought. I read so much how it's so hard and how so many fail. The first few days, yes - I thought it would be impossible, there were tears and anger. But each day got easier and here I am, stronger and more focused than dedicated than I have ever been.

I don't think any of this really kicked in until yesterday at work. The 1 co-worker that knows popped in to see how I was doing; I told her how much I had lost. She joined the mom bandwagon in that I can just continue what I'm doing and loose and not have surgery. [no, thanks] But it was in that moment that I realized how far I had come, how successful the last 9 days had been and how in a week, I will be banded. For the first time, I officially felt excitement. A different excitement from when I found out I was approved and even a different level from when I got my date. I was excited. I wanted to tell the world. I wanted to cry. I wanted to laugh. this is really happening! 

Last night we had the 1st birthday of my best friend's little boy. Hot dogs, chili, chips, cake; note: not one thing entered my mouth - score! Today, my brother and his 5 kiddos are coming for the weekend. I'm excited. The cabinets are stocked with goodies, the rooms ready; The babies range in age from 2-12. They haven't been up in  a while so Jay and I are anxious for them to get here.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

sweet Thomas's 1st Birthday 

love him SO much!

Jay and I [I can tell we've lost in this picture!]

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Moving right along.

I can't believe it is almost Friday. This week as moved right along; honestly, so much quicker than I thought. This time next week, I'll officially be waking up as one of the cool kids; an official bandster club member. Sometimes I can't beleive this is finally really happening. If you haven't saw, I'm so, so thankful for this blessing! I'm astonished at the menal transformation I've went through this past week. I've read so many variances that physician's use for the pre-op diet; mine as we know has been liquid's. Although I wasn't too happy about it last week, I wouldn't have wanted it to be any other way; it has prepared me for life after banding. I couldn't imagine just having to quit food cold turkey 2 days before surgery and waking up just having to do right. I've re-learned what will power is; I needed this lesson.

We toured the Wellness Center as I talked about on Tuesday. It was so nice and perfect. The fitness floor (1st floor) has all the cardio, weights and weight machines, etc. Across the hall are the locker rooms, which are nice. Through the back door of the locker rooms is the Aqautic Center. The Aquatic Center has a hot tub, therapy pool and lap pool. Love it! Personally, I see myself in the water alot this fall/winter. The upstairs of the facility is where all the classrooms are for fitness classes, which are all also included in the free 6-month membership. There are so many awesome classes offered; I picked up the class schedules for fitness and aqautics and have already coordinated in my schedule for the week after surgery. The Nutritonists offices are also up stairs in which we can meet up with through appointment. Massage Therapists are by appointment only also. My first day, I get a fitness evaluation. They will walk with me, evaluate where I am weight wise and what fitness level I feel I am at and write a workout program for me, to be evaluated at my first Personal Trainer appointment. How great is this!

I started my pre-op meds last night; a nose cream (to kill staph) twice daily and then my tummy scrub. I tried to take pictures of my pink tummy, but it was so comical with my husband putting it on, all I could do was laugh. It ended up everywhere! I'm hoping tonight want be as messy!

Leaving with this, I weighed in this morning, I am down -12 lbs.  I am so happy. I'm now weighing in at 246.8. Only 6.9 away from the 230's.

Leaving you with a bit of a glow today.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

lovely words of wisdom

You must begin to think of yourself as becoming the person you want to be. -David Viscott

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

little successes.

Aaah, head hunger. I had never heard of this little concept, until a few short weeks ago.Thankfully, I now know how to and am so far doing well in conquering this little rascal. We went over for a quick visit to my in-laws last night. We walk in and she is serving up homemade kraut w/ weenies, beans, mashed potatoes and cornbread. Before my mouth floods with desire for this unbelievably delicious southern cooked meal, I catch myself studying my stomach; nope - not hungry. nope - not good for me. nope - not liquids. As hard, hard, so incredibly hard to have an hour visit and walk out with out even a nibble, was a huge victory for me.

I eat lunch with 2-3 other people, daily. I've stayed strong to my shakes, sugar free Jello-o's, applesauces and teas and broths. Having to sit and watch them eat the fattening goodness has been so terribly hard for me; when we've done it since day 1. Today was chinese takeout; another success. It's the hardest to sit through the agonizing i want to eat that's but once I make it through, I'm sure like so many others it's such a victory and a tremendous sense of accomplishment. Through this short journey, I've sadly realized that I was officially addicted to food. Like an old nasty drug, I couldn't wait to get my next fix. It makes me sad that I consumed so much time eating and thinking about eating and to go even further, not holding myself accountable for what I was eating. Oy! 

The new me is coming together nicely. I can say shedding all the bad decisions over the last week, I've found some new energy! We are going to tour the Hospital's Wellness Center this afternoon; I get a free 6-month membership post-op and a hubby pass ($27/mo), as well as a nutritional plan/evaluation and 3-free personal training sessions. Jay has lost -14lbs. since we began this journey; he is a trooper and the best support person a girl could ask for!

I think for my birthday, which is coming up in 19 days, I may ask for a bicycle. Wow! Me? a bicylce? never thunk it.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Wonderful weekend [and Post-Op Education Consult] - ✔

Fall weekends rock! If you haven't figured it out by now,

After church yesterday we took a ride around Cades Cove, an 11-mile scenic route through the Smoky Mountains. We live just about 25-30 minutes away, but it's a favorite place for the locals. The weather was perfect, the leaves falling, lots of people out and about; so lovely. My dad left yesterday for a business trip, so when we got back home I threw a bag together and went and stayed with my mom for the night. We always have so, so much fun! So very blessed with such wonderful, God-loving parents!

My Post-Op Education consult was this morning. I've officially been given the in's and out's of banding, all the do's and don'ts and my post-op diet advancement. I'm sure all advancement diets are the same, but just in-case mine vary from the rest [and for the newbies], it includes: Continue liquids through next Tuesday [9/21], 9/22 - 9/24: Clear liquids only. 9/25-10/9: Liquids only. 10/10 - 10/24: Soft Creamed Foods (soup broths, cream broths, yogurt, etc.) Week 4: Fill No.1 - back clear liquids, advance to liquids/softs, as tolerated.  Week 5: Advance to solids, as tolerated. So, for dramatic purposes, I [should] be able to eat in [drum roll please; rump, pa, rump, pa, rump, pa], 49 days. What will my first meal be post banding [also to be known as my belated birthday dinner], you ask? Grilled ground turkey breast w/ fresh lemon and snap peas. Just sayin'. I did give kudos to all your wonderful blogs when talking to the nurse today! Thank you for providing your journey; I've learned so much.

Real quick, you know I've been debating on "who to tell?". I've decided to only tell who I've told so far. I know these people will be the most supportive during this journey; and that's all I need. 

Looking forward to catching up on your weekend! 

the leaves are changing! eek!

what i see, everyday. 

Primitive Cades Cove Baptist Church

J inside the sanctuary. 

loves him.


me & J.

Dusty loves going on his rides.

i'm a wanna-be photographer. 

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Did you tell?

I'm typically not a bragger, but having a perfect weekend strictly on my liquids I couldn't help but give myself a little shout-out. I don't recall a Friday or Saturday in history that we haven't ate out or been invited to eat with friends. I was super nervous heading into the weekend since after all, going cold-turkey to liquids only has been a huge adjustment. But, it's been a success! Also, my sweet husband has been so amazingly supportive and is still walking side by side with me during this phase. Last night, we made a quick trip to our local GNC and found a yummy Banana Cream Isolated Protein shake mix; yum. yum. yummy! We both got snazzy shake cups and also a new blender with a smoothie setting. Today's shakes have been the best yet!

With just a few days away until surgery, I am still on the fence about telling people. Quick recap; I've told my parents, parents-n-law, 1 co-worker and 3 of my close friends. I don't really have any reasons not too tell people, but am having a hard time doing so. I'm curious, who did you tell? When? What were their reactions? I'm doing this for me, for my health and for our fertility. I guess somewhere deep inside, I worry that people will think this is an easy way out. For those, they really have no idea how uneasy this is and is going to be; but people have their minds made up. Unfortunately, I'm kind of one of those girls who fall victim to caring way to much of what others think.

Hoping everyone has had a wonderful weekend! We've done mostly errands, cleaned the vehicles, and are now nestled in for the evening watching college football. [go vols!]

Friday, September 10, 2010


Day 2 down, 11 to go...and it's getting easier! Yes, there it is- the pre-op liquid diet that was pure hell 2 long days ago; has gotten easier. The intense hunger pains have also subsided. And, the once disgusting shakes; I now look forward too. The only hurdle I seem to really still be facing is late evening before bedtime. Head hunger takes over and I crave to eat something, anything; so bad.  I've done really well at not listening and the urges subside. I know head hunger will be a battle for a while yet; but hopefully they will faint a wee bit as time goes on.

So, I have a small victory. Note: This is totally unofficial since my scales are can be bi-polar;  but I hopped on the scales this morning to see how they compared to my weigh-in yesterday at the Dr's office [251.5]. Well, in my skivvies I weighed-in at 249.2. [enter holy-mother-of-cheese!] I will give it a few days and weigh again on Monday morning; then we can officially celebrate the exit of the 2-5-0's.

On an unrelated note; Jay and I are feeling much better. We've been sick since the middle of last week with a yucky, yucky cold. The weather is supposed to be cooler this weekend and the leaves are starting to change; we might go for a drive to the mountains. Happy weekend to you.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pre-op Physician's Consult - ✔

The consult went good; this was my last office visit before surgery. They took my "before" picture for my file, which made me feel totally official. I then had my first weigh-in since August 4; I'm happy to report I am down -7.3. That was unexpected and totally exciting! [Sweet hubby was down -9 - they let him weigh-in for the fun of it]. He's been so wonderful and is still being successful in his efforts to do this pre-op diet with me. 

The Dr. went over my chart and said that they were going to remove my gallbladder during surgery; two birds with one stone...sweet! I got all my Rx's and instructions for before and after surgery. The 2nd happy highlight of the day - he said I could eat salad vegi's once per day and have 1 diet soda per day; yay! I stopped and got some steam-able vegi's and 2 cans of low sodium, wheat based soup. 

My next appointment is Monday; it is the Post-op Educational Class - the 411 of being banded and all the do's and don'ts. It's getting so close; have I mentioned how happy I am? :)

Official Weigh-in #2
- 7.3

Day one: a success!

The first day of the not-so-lovely liquid diet, is over. And to be honest, it was horrid. Not so much because it was all liquids, but out of the only few things I can have, everything is really hard to drink/eat and by the end of the day, I was starving. My LD consists of only the following:

4 Unjury shakes per day (2 w/ fat-free milk, 2 mixed with Crystal Light)
*what is mixed w/ Crystal Light was horrid; the Chocolate Shake was ok, the smell is yucky.

Then, I can have 6 servings out of the following:
Sugar Free Jell-o
Sugar Free Pudding
Fiber One Yogurt (4oz)
1/2 c. unsweet applesauce
1 c. Cream of Wheat (plain made with water)
1 c. Tomato Juice.

The Cream of Wheat was tolerable, the celery is my fav as is the sugar free Jell-o. The pudding and yogurt is a texture thing and I am scared to try the Tomato Juice. I only had around 600 calories yesterday. Maybe thats why I was starving. I'm waiting for my Dr's office to open, so I can see what vegi's I can have; that will help alot. I've had a horrible caffeine headache since 10:00 last night; it actually woke me up around 4:00 this morning it's so bad. I just took 2 Advil. Now, I'm ready to face day two.....

Side Note: We went to Target last night and fall decor and halloween decorations are out on the shelves; exciting!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

it's beginning to look alot like fall.

Which just happens to be my most favorite time of the year. As I type, I notice the trees outside my office window are changing colors; beautiful! We've had such a hot, hot summer. The cooler mornings and evenings are such a welcomed change. I have a closet full of cute scarves I cannot wait to wear; I have a zillion scarves. I just love 'em. I acutally love fall/winter clothes the most. [looking forward to smaller jeans this season]

My birthday is a few weeks away; October 3. I'll be 31this year; it was a great year. Probably the best I have had since I turned 21. I think the twenties were for learning and thirties you take what you learned, and live. They say fourties are spectacular; I'll take thier word for it....I don't want to rush life to get there. I wanted to do a hot-air balloon for my big day; but I dunno - I think I may be a bit too chicken for that.

Speaking of birthday; I got an early present on Monday. We bought a Jeep last year and still had my Altima we bought in '02. I l.o.v.e.d that car. But, in it's old age it continued to show more and more signs of it's 190k miles and we were driving it less and less, putting more miles on the Jeep. So sadly, we let it go. I hope we get the life and mileage out of our new car; I love VW's and have wanted one for a long, long time. Happy Birthday to me!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

hasta luego, baby!

We are in from my real "last" meal before surgery. I wanted Mexican from my favorite place in town. 

It was good. Perhaps, sensational. I savored every bite as each bite was one step closer to the last taste of bad decision that would ever be placed in my mouth again. Then after coming home and taking my before pictures (see: my pictures), I was totally disgusted at what I saw and my stomach has been in knots ever since. Personally speaking, I've never really know how much weight I had gained until we took these horrid pictures tonight. I guess my phototaking over time had evolved to angling the camera to capture my "skinny" side. I'm so angry with myself. And my measurements (see: my progress); really? I'm just a blob of space. Grrr. 

My fridge is now stocked with all the yummy sugar-free goodies I can have (6-servings per day) in addition to Unjury. Jay stocked up on similar items, to tweak his diet to go side-by-side with me during this 2-week Liquid Pre-op; he is so awesome. 

Wow, tomorrow begins an entire new life. I'm so happy, so nervous, so thankful. I'm so excited to meet the "new me" that awaits over the next few weeks, months, years. 

Sugar-free goodies. off to enjoy my last carbonated drink! 

lots of lasts

With the liquid diet lurking eagerly around the corner, the last few days have have been filled with several "last" meals. The biggest "goodbye" was the trip to the chinese buffet; it's my favorite food and has been a staple in my life for so many years. But that's in the past. Come Wednesday, it's game on. I am ready. Bring it!

I went this morning and picked up my Unjury and Pre-op diet list; this will be life as I know it for the next 4-6 weeks. Being honest, the next 2 weeks will be a challenge. And anyone who believes differently; well, feel free to share me your ideas on how to not be stressing over this. I am very happy that the pre-op diet also includes 6 small daily servings of sugar-free jello, pudding and yogurt and I think also some raw vegi's. A quick trip to the grocery store is on my to-do list for later today.

I just had my last "full" lunch with my co-workers. I told the girl I work with about my surgery, I assumed one person knowing would provide a little support here at the office; the thought of no one knowing was unsettling. She seemed happy and said she would be very supportive. I've changed my vacation week (Oct. 4-8) to coincide with my surgery and pre-op appointments. What are your thoughts? Have you told co-workers? If so, what were thier response?

Friday, September 3, 2010

My date has been scheduled!

....and the count down begins.

My Dr.'s office called my date has been scheduled.

September 22

I am beyond happy and my prayers haven't stopped thanking my good Lord for this wonderful, much welcomed blessing. Other dates to remember:

Sept 7: Pick up Unjury
Sept 8: Start Unjury
Sept 9: Pre-Op Physician Consult
Sept 13: Pre-Op Education Class
Sept 20: Pre-Op Anesthesia Consult
Sept 22: Surgery (time TBD on 9/21)
Sept 30: 1 week Post-Op follow-up

My life is about to change and I can't put into words how happy I am. I'm just as nervous, so don't let me fool you. The IV petrifies me, I'm a baby for pain and nervous about 6 weeks of a liquid only diet. (2 pre/4post). But, I am mentally prepared I think, but continue to become stronger each day. I want actually know my strength until the day comes and the weeks after. But, I do know that I have the most amazing husband, family, and friends and that I will have the support I need to carry me through the tough times.

Thank you Lord for this wonderful, wonderful blessing.

i've been approved!

I've been APPROVED for my lapband surgery. Praise Jesus! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I've not been blogging because I really had nothing to write about until I heard if I was approved or not. I didn't want to bore everyone with what I had eaten, when and where I had walked. If you read when my journey began, this has been a very, long and painful wait. I first pursued banding in 2005. Through my first denial and changing companies twice, I finally an insurance who covered gastric surgery. I am so happy right now!

The last month wasn't exactly smooth. Apparantly there has been a change in office staff since my visit last November. My nutrition appointment was on 8/4. The paperwork wasn't faxed to the insurance company until 8/13. When I followed up on 8/16, it hadn't been received. My Dr. office admitted it had been faxed to the wrong number. 8/20 is wasn't showing received yet; but finally confirmed they had received it, but wrong department. This past Tuesday, the national account for my medical insurance still had not receieved it as my Dr. office had never called and set up a verbal file, which is needed to submit to the pre-cert nursing department for approval. My Dr. office called and set this up. I called today to make sure everything had been received and set-up; to be told I had been approved and was given my approval number. If you are beginning this process; you are your own advocate. Always follow up with your insurance company and make sure your Dr submits all needed documentation upfront to avoid delays.

I called my husband first thing; tears flowing. I called my mom, who I had told since the last blog and although she doesn't agree with it, wished me much success. (I know she will be there on my surgery day) My dad is still working but sure mom will tell him before I can this afternoon. I called my mother in law and two of my best friends; they are all I am telling for now. I then called the Dr. office to confirm my approval and to see if they had recieved the paperwork from my insurance. She confirmed they had received it and she had 30 charts she was working on today, and would hopefully get back to me this afternoon.

I've lost about 5 lbs; so still about 15 to go. Next stop: liquid diet. And hopefully a surgery date before my birthday, 10/3.

Enjoying this beautiful pre-fall day.....