Saturday, July 28, 2007

aaaah, home sweet home

so, i went to visit my parents yesterday. i love it! went out for dinner. hung out. spent the night. i could move back i think. although so many more pro's for living where were living but having my mom and dad just around the corner is the best feeling i could have. i miss them. i miss our tuesday afternoon trips to the grocery store. our runs to oak ridge. and just hanging out. i miss the small, hometown feel. i never go down there that i don't drive the backroads and drive through town. i love the 3 redlights and an interstate. the 2 grocery stores. the few fast food places that are here and there. the one hotel. life is so much more simple there. and i would love to have that back, i think. im so undecisive.

Friday, July 27, 2007

im a fat ass

ok, so i had to take tater (foster daughter) to a psychologist yesterday for a psychosexual eval. i left with an email from the dr. with instructions to forward my resume. today i went in for an interview and came out with a p/t job. ok, i don't think i have ever been so excited over something in a long time. the office is in an old historical house, downtown maryville. i work right next door to my bud, so lunch dates are a definate now! im basically the office manager and just helping the doc out. it is, i forgot to mention, just me and the doc in the office. he's super nice. i would say in his upper 60's. im so glad to be getting out of the house.
now, im sure your wandering why the title. well, in the pre-hours before the actual interview, i discovered that none of my business clothes from pre-foster parent days, fit. im depressed. very discouraged. this non-career phase ive been in for the last 8 months, packed on pounds. so now, i will be right next door to forementioned - best bud - and we will be hitting the gym everyafternoon. my fat ass will be back in my 'skinny' jeans, by my birthday.