Wednesday, April 7, 2010

holy matrimony!

today is my 9th wedding annivesary. i am not writing you from a caribbean island, on the beach while sipping on something with pineapple, tanning my not-so-beach bound bod, while the waves are splashing and the smell of the ocean is heavenly. instead, i am cozied up in my bed, fighting this horrible cold-that-feels-like-the-flu. yuck! i officially have the un-official anniversary 2 year curse.  this is the third time i have been sick on our annivesary...i had kidney stones 4 years ago, the flu 2 years ago and now the super crud. i'm hoping Jay will get home early so we can salvage the day with a late dinner and some alone time. hopefully i will be feeling a bit better. a snotty, red nose and horrid cough, i assume, is not his idea of beauty. fyi:: we are going out of town this weekend to celebrate.

a few pics [of] our wedding day.
[copies of pics] well, were kind of old enough where they
didn't have fancy CDs to put pics on]

the ceremony

lighting of the unity candle

                                                         our sweet flower girl, rachel.

our first dance.

the wedding party
[you can't really tell the colors, but they were celadon and periwinkle]

Jay's sweet niece

holy RICE! were under attack!

look how young we were; we were headed out to begin
our life together. [and to Florida for our honeymoon]

how we've grown over the years.

and today - 
were so happy. and still so inlove.

i'm so blessed to still be his "forever".

i love you, Jay.

Friday, April 2, 2010

happy, happy birthday.

my dear daddy turned 57 today. another blessed year of life. happy birthday, dad. i love you.

happy birthday to thee,
thou are one-hundred three;
thy hearing's disappearing,
and thou can't hardly see!

me and my daddy. happy birthday.

you scream. i scream. we all scream for ice cream.

his birthday sweetness.

jay and mom providing the entertainment of the evening.

my beautiful mother.

my sweet little family.

an evening at the park.

our weather has been beautiful the last week or so. Wednesday afternoon we ventured out to the park. took some bbq for a picnic, bread for the ducks, and the dog for a walk. it was perfect park weather. i am ready to go fishing and camping! Jay found a buddy along the trail; a red bird. perhaps a parakeet? his owner was an older man who was super friendly and nice and probably from new york; i loved his accent. Thursday we done some spring cleaning in the house, got our yard ready to mow and the flower beds ready to mulch. i finally got the chance to hang up all our new decor for our family room and we have finally finished our kitchen/dining room; so i will finally have pics for that. we're slowly making our way to the back of the house where 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths eagerly wait for our attention. im currently ISO a paint fairy.

have a beautiful,
sunny day.

 my blooming beauty.

dusty wanting to eat chase the ducks.

the red bird from new york.

i think jay was skeered.

someone made a buddy, afterall.