Friday, April 2, 2010

an evening at the park.

our weather has been beautiful the last week or so. Wednesday afternoon we ventured out to the park. took some bbq for a picnic, bread for the ducks, and the dog for a walk. it was perfect park weather. i am ready to go fishing and camping! Jay found a buddy along the trail; a red bird. perhaps a parakeet? his owner was an older man who was super friendly and nice and probably from new york; i loved his accent. Thursday we done some spring cleaning in the house, got our yard ready to mow and the flower beds ready to mulch. i finally got the chance to hang up all our new decor for our family room and we have finally finished our kitchen/dining room; so i will finally have pics for that. we're slowly making our way to the back of the house where 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths eagerly wait for our attention. im currently ISO a paint fairy.

have a beautiful,
sunny day.

 my blooming beauty.

dusty wanting to eat chase the ducks.

the red bird from new york.

i think jay was skeered.

someone made a buddy, afterall.

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