Monday, June 29, 2009


im so thankful my head is attached. this, i do agree with the sweet hubbs.
now, this happened a few weeks ago, but i felt it blog worthy. lol

so, i had errands to run earlier in the day - bank. walmart. back home.
i walked to my garage.
got in the car.
my phone rang, i answered and talked.
i made it about a mile down the road and realized that im not sure if i had my visa
or not;
so i pulled over at the nearby gas station.
put the car in park.
and looked for the card.
jackpot: it was laying [for somereason] in my console.
so, i put the car in drive.
proceded to talk.
and headed toward stop 1, the bank.
now, its important at this point to remember i never have exited the car, since i left the house and most importantly since i found my card lying in the console.
i pulled up to the drive thru window at the bank.
rolled down my window.
reached out for the teller tube.
opened it. inserted ticket.
reached out to put the tube back
and hit the send button.
[still chatting on phone]
a minute passed.
i repeat. [reach. open. take. reach. put back]
i leave window, heading toward wal-mart.
i pulled in parking lot.
got off phone.
and for the next
20 minutes i realized that
my visawas no where to be found.
it wasnt in the console. or on the floorboard. nor between the seats.
or in the backseat. or in my purse. or in the door. or over the visor.
nor was it in any other nook or cranny - in the car.
how, o how....can i loose a card that was laying in the console and within
a car that i never got out of?

whew. i make myself nervous. *silly grin

so next step. called bank. canceled. [still] waiting 2-4 weeks for a new card.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

goldilocks and the 3 bears

i was goldilocks today. *smile
sweet hubbs and i spent the day in the mountains.
it was a perfect day.
first trip around the loop, we saw bear one.
second trip around, after the scrumptuous burgers,
we saw bear two & three.
i was so excited. maybe, overally excited.
it was awesome.
on our way out of the park, momma & her 2 baby cubs walked across
the road in front of us.
we've always only saw deer, turkey, and elk. never bears.
the pics are of bear number two.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

birthday, number 2.

happy birthday momma!!!
i love you.
im so thankful for our deep, close friendship.

Friday, June 19, 2009

happy birthdays

my sweet niece, mary beatrice...or simply baby bea, celebrated her first birthday today. she is the sweetest. my brother has given me the most precious nephews (3) and nieces (2).

Thursday, June 18, 2009

its been a long, hard, lonely & stormy week

so, here i sit, thursday afternoon, literally counting the minutes until my husband comes back home. i have missed him an unmeasurable amount. he left this past sunday (for a work training in atlanta) and returns tomorrow. please, friday...please hurry.

storms have been awful the past week. seriously, the worst our area has saw consistently in, like...kind of as long as i can remember. im petrified of storms. probably to the extent in which i need therapy. ive asked my parents if i was traumatized somehow has a child, resulting in my escalating fears as an adult. no events are remembered. they assume they just didnt really realize how terrified i was of storms. mom & i getting caught in the funnel clound/tornado that came thru farragut in 2004 only intensified my fears. i really wish all could understand the anxiety they cause me. yes, im 29. yes, its embarassing to admit this. but we all have our fears, right? yours, heights? or darkness? mine, storms!

here are just a few pics of last nights storms. these are wall clouds that entered by back yard twice. these clouds produce below the thunderclouds and often produce tornados. it was a very long, long night. blah. other than the heat, humidity and bugs, this tops the list of "the things i cannot stand about summer". lol

Monday, June 15, 2009

bitter sweet sunday

sweet: one of my bestest friends since grade school, finally tied the knot yesterday. she married one of my husbands friends. the story is funny, actually. we've all hung out together since 1999. but in 2006 they got to talking on a personal level and realized they liked each other more than just friends. congrats to chris & lee =)

bitter: sweet hubby left for a week long training yesterday. a week without him, im kind of pathetic. =( i hope this week flys by.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

an overdue update

yes, its been forever and a day. so much has happened. so many changes...where do I begin?

we will start in february, i think that was my last blog.

Feb 2009

in an effort to go back to work, since i had been at home with the foster kids since 11/06; and my overwhelming life long dream to work in the medical field, i started school for the Certified Nursing Assistant certification, at the Tennessee Technology Center of Knoxville. Classes were 2/4-4/8; state board was 4/13.

March 2009

Jamie resigned from Rainsoft, where he had been since 11/06. Although sales were awesome during 2007 and most of 2008; they weren't so much the later part of '08 and weren't in '09. He gained wonderful experience here and we miss the people he worked with.

I interviewed for several positions with UT Hospital as well as one position, I wanted most, at Children's Hospital. Jamie, well; "yours truly", started the process of sending out resumes. ISO: professional. base salary. benefits.

April 2009

Passed the state board exam; 4/13.

Jamie & I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary! Yes, 8 years. The past 10 years for us, have really flown by. I would do anything to go back & be able to slow time down. There are also a few things I would like to change. But those are just chalked up as lessons learned.

I was offered the position I wanted at Children's Hospital. I was beyond excited! Benefits, awesome. Pay, good. Schedule, 12-hour shifts. Which was going to be a huge adjustment, i'd never worked 12 hour shifts, more importantly hadn't worked since 11/06.

May 2009

Jamie, after having interviews with Cook's, Orkin, Terminex and Arrow; accepted a position with Orkin Pest Control, as Inspector. Benefits, awesome. Pay, fantabulous. Company, superb!! Finally, we are landing back on our feet......

I am taking 3 classes at Pellissippi State during the summer semester. At this time, I am wanting to continue to pursue my nursing degree (RN); however....I still kind of want to be a teacher. I'm a semester or so away from having to make that final we'll see.

June 2009

Jamie & I are back on our feet. A special thanks to our parents who were our main support system over the last 6-months. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you!

& now....our journey begins:

For those close to our hearts; know our longing for children. The foster care years were wonderful. The babies we were blessed will always be our babies. Always. As humans, when faced with tragedy, we have faith to guide us through. Although we may never understand why certain things happen....we do understand that everything happens for a reason. A small reason that is part of a bigger picture, that we might not immediatly know...but will someday.

Jamie & I are moving forward with Sperm adoption & IUI. I know in earlier blogs, I discussed some other options...but after months and years of discussing how we want to move forward in our lives and our family. We have selected a sperm donor; we are so totally excited about! it is a perfect match to what we set out to find! my first ultrasound is July 16. the IUI will be performed the first cycle after that appointment.

please keep us in your prayers during this time. we are so ready. so excited. at the same time we have alot of preperation; pysically, mentally and financially. blogs going forward will contain up to date information on where we are, whats going on, etc....please comment.

love nlb.