Wednesday, February 6, 2008

hi. remember me?

ok, so i haven't posted in a while. so sorry for those of you who wake up everyday...rush onto your log onto my blog to see if i have updated it. hehe now, if that's true in anyform, im sorry. my life seriously isnt that interesting. LOL
hmmm, things have been going great. hubby's great. kiddos are great. we've actually found our social life again, that i scwabbled about so much last year. seriously, i have the greatest of friends. all complete me in a different way; and i'd be lost without them. its amazing how someone who you least expected to me friends with...would turn out to be one. i guess, give people chances. past is the past. live. laugh. love; that's so true!

i interviewed for an awesome position about a month ago, actually i had two interviews, and i still haven't heard from them yet; the offer was placed on hold until some internal restructuring could be accomplished. everytime the phone rings; i hope it's them on the other of yet, still waiting. it's been torture. im the most impatient person in the world...and having to wait this long on a job i really, really want, as been totally stinky!

well, guess that's it for now. live moves on....i'll keep ya updated on anything good and juicy that comes out of it!