Monday, February 28, 2011

Spring Challenge - Paypal Link posted tomorrow!

We've had a wonderful response to the challenge; I'm so excited!

Rumor has it there are some competitive girls out there ready to shed some winter padding and win this challenge - so this is going to be a great 6-weeks!

Reminder, today is the last day to sign-up! Your $5 entry fee is due by this Friday, March 4th. Keep check here to see if your payment has been received. If you're name is in black, you're good to go!

Link will be posted tomorrow!

Saturday, February 26, 2011


This, this was yesterday.

Needless to say, my ass hit the trail this morning for an early 3.5 interval run. *face palm.

Moral of the story:

When going anywhere near those evil adorable Girl Scouts, CLOSE YOUR EYES and RUN!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Yes, I have a complaint.

I am a peppy person and never really complain. And as happy as I am with the lapband and my progress to date there are only 2 complaints that I feel are finally problem enough to voice my concern.

  • Shrinking Boobs
  • Hair Loss
A. Shrinking Boobs.

Why? Why did my boobs have to go shrink along with my waist? I was never truly blessed upstairs to begin with and for years, Lane Bryant Plunge bras and I have been straight up BFF's. Through all my years and layers of fat, my boobs were the one thing that, although not Dolly size, left me feeling a bit sexy. Now, I'm paranoid. I feel everyone stares at my lack there-of. And I am scared to death to get fitted to see what my new cup size would be. Before, I was a C, a lowercase C. Maybe if I get a bra that is smaller around (all mine are still 42) then the C cup will still be ok? I'm hoping. Anyone else have shrinking TaTa's? I need relocation lyposuction from my tummy to the boobs; that would solve all my problems.

B. Hair Loss

My mom and brother have gorgeous, perfect, thick, curly hair. Me, I got stuck with my dad's fine/thinner hair and nose. Lovely. I never understood why my brother would be blessed with such perfect hair. He.Is.A.Boy. What does he need with picture perfect locks? I started noticing hair loss about 6 weeks post-op. It wasn't alot, just strands of hair on the counter or vanity. I thought weird, but never gave it much thought. Now, handfuls. Everyday. And this, this is depressing. I get my protein and take my vitamins. When will this stop?

Moving on....

Last night, my band was my superman. && saved me.

Last night we had church and was crunched for time before hand. I had every intention of going home and whipping something up and eating before we ran out the door. Well, on my drive in, I get in front of Mr. Gatti's Pizza and call my husband and suggest we go there. It was less than an hour until church started and by the time we got home I wouldn't have time to cook anything. Convienence, won. So I go through the line - get one slice of pizza and a big ol' fat salad. I still had around 450 calories for the day (putting me at 1100) so I tried to guestimate and behave, although the entire trip through the buffet line I felt guilty and was second guessing my choice and knowing that no matter what I ate, I would exceed my calories goal.

So, I walk to a table and sit.

I take a small bite of pizza.

Thirty-seconds later, I'm stuck.

Who was I to think that I could eat bread? I guess with the bread being hid under a moud of cheese, bacon and peppers, I thought I could pull a fast one over on the good 'ol band.


As I made a mad dash to the bathroom, it was yelling loudly, "Sucker!!"

Within the next fifteen minutes, I made four more trips to the bathroom; by this time, the band was rolling in hysterical laughter.

Husband finished eating and I left, still stuck.

This was a $9 lesson.

I had been a perfectly, good little girl. I was going to sacrifice all my efforts for the easy way out. So what if we had to eat in the car on the way? What the heck did we used to do when we lived at McDonald's?

I'm thankful my band showed me who was boss and I didn't get to eat. I was pissy about it at first. But after I got unstuck and my mind cleared, I was so relieved I hadn't ruined the day.

I ended up having a Petro at home, with homemade turkey chili, low-sodium Frito's, Fat Free cheese and low-fat sour cream. (My favorite post-band meal) And stayed below 1,100 calories.

Don't ever sacrifice this journey for rash decisions. It's just not worth it, ever. Stay strong. Think straight.

We can do this.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spring Challenge - Participant List

Hi sweet girls!

This is the Particpant list including everyone signed up so far! I will update daily with new participants.

The Paypal link will be posted on Tuesday, March 1st. Once payment is received, your name will be changed to black and you will be officially ready to start the challenge!

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Weigh-in Wednesdays

Starting weight: 258.8

Last weeks weigh-in: 209.8

This weeks weigh-in: 206.5


Total loss: 52.3

Finally, finally, finally! Finally after a ridiculous January hiatus due to a bad fill, well lack there of, and a February struggling between 207-209, I finally lost the few I had gained since my lowest at Christmas (207.1) and moved closer to the beautiful 100's. ONEderland,! I arrived at my new all time low, from going back to the things that I knew to do all along; journaling, preparing my food, taking my lunch, not eating out, and excercising.

I can say that during this time, I was reminded about how crappy I felt pre-band. The bad food choices, the lack of energy due to the lack of excercise, the lack of goals to work toward. Nothing to hold me accountable totally kicked my ass and my scales reflected.

I'm so glad to be back! Now, if you wanna join the Suddenly Spring Challenge to shed some extra pounds before you hit up the beach,!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spring Challenge Logo - Grab it!

Thank you Joey for creating this fabulous logo for this challenge!  I  it!

So for everyone wanting to participate, please post to your blog & link here:!

The deadline to sign-up is Monday, February 28th! As names come in - I will keep a running participant list. On Tuesday, March 1st, I will post the Pay-Pal link so you can pay your entry fee!

Let's get the word out! I'm so excited!

Time for a Springtime Challenge? Why, I think so!

Alright Lovely Ladies- with sunshine and beach weather quickly approaching, I think it's challenge time! I LOVED the Holiday Challenge and I'm thinking this is the little boost we need to get us ready to flash a little skin, a la cute little swim suits! Since Kristen is busy planning a little thing called a wedding, I was excited to offer to host this challenge! So, here is what I'm thinking: We begin Sunday, March 6th and run through Sunday, April 17th, making a total of 7 weigh-in weeks. $5 pay-pal entry fee with a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prize?

For anyone who is new to challenges here are the rules:

Challenge rules:

1. Challenge starts SUNDAY March 6th and ends SUNDAY April 17th.
2. Weigh in days are SUNDAYS, please make sure to email me ( your weeks weight by 8 pm SUNDAY night so that I can post your numbers for the week.
3. Please include a picture of you on the scale, only on the FIRST and LAST week of the weigh in's.
4. The challenge prizes will go to the top 3 biggest losers, meaning the persons who loses the most % of weight from challenge week # 1.
5. Please let me know ahead of time if you will be on vacation or away and not have access to a scale/email. If I am not told you will be away, you have a 1 week by, after that you will be taken out of the challenge.

**If you're interested, simply comment below. If we have a great interest, I will add everyone to a participant list and will keep a running list of everyone I hear from. **

Stay tuned for further details!

Let me know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions! You can always post a comment on here, or e-mail me at

Send your blog friends here so they can participate! I am working on a Challenge Image so you can post on your blog!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Not too shabby! (Progress Pic)

Size 16

Back from the mountains!

We spent the weekend with a few friends for a belated Valentine's Day trip in the mountains. We live at the base of Gatlinburg/Smoky Mountains - and it's so nice to go up and enjoy all the touristy stuff at times. It was fabulous! We had so much fun and honestly, the best time we've had in a while.

I'm off today for the President Day holiday and while cleaning, I hopped on the scale, around 3:00p and my weight was 207.3; only .2 away from my lowest Christmas weight I've been trying to get back too so I can get full speed ahead on working on the last 38. So, fingers crossed my early morning weigh in will hit the jackpot! My hard work paid off last week; thanks to you gals for your motivation :)

The view from our loft Saturday morning.

Me and my sweet J.

Me and my girl Crystal before a 3D (muy lame-o) movie, lol. 

Lazer Tag!!!

This was a cool little shop!

These are my people....

Good times (Crystal, Teddy, Jay and I)

J playing pool.

J and I

 Love him so much!

I love us! 

J and Teddy 

We had a blast!!

Hope everyone has a fabulous week!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Beautiful ♥ Music Break!

Yesterday, Day #2 of being back on track, was a success. Well, except for a few cinnamon disc - those little ones in the red wrapers? Damn those little boogers!

Extremely busy today, but to all you ladies, this is for you.

We're all beautiful and I'm so thankful and happy I get to share this journey with each of you! ♥

Just the way you are from secret_t on Vimeo.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pulling myself back up.

I screwed up.

During the holidays, I allowed myself to let my dedication, my regiment, my focus - become lax. "It's just the holidays" I repeatedly told myself. Now, here I am almost 2 months later and I’m still toying with the same 1-2 lbs. This disgusts me. I should be almost at goal by now but instead I haven’t saw 207.1 since.

Yesterday was a perfect day, back pre-Christmas days. I logged my food. I worked out. I ate healthy. Today will be another perfect day as well. I wished I had someone closer who was on the same journey. I’ve tried to reach out to people in my support group, but they are all older and hold no interest in working out or walking the trails. I see the end in sight – it’s so close. I can do this, I know I can. It just really bothers me that I got so off course over the last several weeks. But yesterday, I started pulling myself back up, back to the level of awesomeness my focus was at before.

So, going into my second day of being back on track, I want to refocus and reevaluate my goals.

As I talked about here, these are musts to be successful with the band:

  • If I put it in my mouth, I write it down. If you have a Realize Band,, is fabulous! If not, there are free sites such as and I know you may think this is time consuming but if you prepare your meals the night before, take 5 minutes to journal. 
  • I cook my own food. Having total control over my nutritional content gives me the power to consistently make healthy choices. I've eaten out 4 times since being banded - I searched for nutritional facts online before I went and stayed healthy with choices under 350 calories. 
  • "Eat" my protein. Protein shakes are actually not recommended after you are graduated to solids, post your first fill. As we know liquids go straight through; we benefit from solids. 
  • I don't drink my calories. 'tis the season for some yummy Starbucks - be careful! 
  • Only protein for snacks. I've actually had a snack maybe 4-5 times since being banded, and that came before a workout. I love me some beef jerky!
  • If I want something specific, I don't eat it: If I can specifically say "I want a piece of buffalo chicken pizza with extra jalapeno's, that's just head hunger. I listen to my tummy and don't eat unless I for sure know it's ready.
  • Exercise. It's def a love/hate relationship; but I like the energy is gives me. 
  • I don't keep snacks around. Again, I've not been a snacker since being banded. And even when I see something I think would make a good healthy snack, I just don't get them. Why start the habit?
  • Graphing. I use several graphs to track my loss. It's exciting to see the progress downward. 
  • Pictures. Each little milestone I hit, I take pictures. The changes excite me! 
I've noticed by biggest downfall of all since the holiday's have been eating out. Even making healthy choices is dangerous. Calories are just to unpredictable to sabotage this journey with something that is convenient. I went to the grocery store over the weekend and stocked back up on healthy foods. I will work on my menu plans for the next two weeks this afternoon and get this back on track.

As for my goals, I'm so angry - I should be within 10 lbs. of my goal weight. But, I will turn that frustration into focus and am officially back on the right road. I never totally fell off. I just basically stopped working out, in which if you remember, I was going 4-5 days per week, and I was making each meal. So, I never fell totally off the wagon.

So, my new goals are:

start: 258.8 [heaviest weight ever]

goal 1: by Labor Day
250  [ 9.11.10]

goal 2: by Halloween
235 [10.27.10]

goal 3: by Thanksgiving
220: [11.25.10]

goal 4: by New Year's Day (50 lb. loss)
208: [12.23.10]

goal 5: by March 10

goal 6: by April 30 (10th Anniversary, 4/7)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Got my ass, kicked!


This is one hot mess. 

One hot mess after a totally kick ass session, my first session, with my personal trainer. 

Every muscle in my body aches and I feel like I'm gonna drop to my knees at anytime. 

But this, this is good. No pain, no gain, right?

This will be my new motto until my goal. is. met. 

Bring it!

What to do?

Liz's father passed yesterday; sending prayers to you and your family during this difficult time.

You all sure know how to make a girl feel good! Thank you for all the lovely compliments yesterday on my weightloss pictures.

As I was reading my comments this morning, I did see an awesome comment from Drazil about a little 'sumthin, 'sumthin on BOOBS 2.0 2011. Ummm, I am so excited! I didn't make it last year as it was around the time I ventured into blog land and was too late. I was one of the many that was left so jealous - but not this year. My calendar is marked and I am there. And the dates JUST so happen to be my birthday weekend! Ummm, I couldn't think of a more fabulous way than to spend my birthday with so many awesome, awesome girls! If you are new and have no idea what BOOBS is or haven't heard the news, check it

Tonight is my first Personal Trainer session tonight. But I'm debating - should I just stick with Body Pump and Zumba? Thoughts? Will a trainer really do my body, better?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Progress Pics

Snapped a current pic at the gym yesterday - I can see the difference, now to work on actually feeling smaller. Any one else struggle with still feeling like the "bigger" version of you?

Before: 258.8 (Taken night before surgery, 9.21.10; please overlook the fact that is the worst.pic.ever.)
Current: 206.4 (Taken 2.8.11)

Click to enlarge:

Thanks to all the advice and ensuring I stay hydrated! :) You gals are the greatest!

Monday, February 7, 2011

G-Y-M time!

Finally, after my pathetic January off - I made it back to the gym today. && I must brag - best.workout.ever! I'm pretty sure it's because I am lighter - but I RAN, r-a-n, for 2 straight miles at 5 mph. I feel so accomplished today. With my 6-month membership I got with my surgery, came 2 free sessions with a personal trainer. I scheduled my first session for this Thursday. I am so nervous about that. As a member, I can purchase additional sessions for $20 per half hour. Personally, I don't think that is bad. I've got about 35 more to go to reach goal; I'm ready to tone and get this last off.

As for my fill. I am really tight. First things in the morning are crazy and I can't really even hardly drink liquid. By mid morning, I can drink and by lunch eat a small bite. Today, I've had 1 cup of Chicken Chili and that's it. I'm about to either have a protein shake or maybe a turkey burger pattie? I know that's not a lot but I've not been hungry AT ALL! I welcome the change, as January was ruff. ruff. ruff. I can't wait until weigh-in. Only 7.7 away from onederland; eek! How exciting is that! 

How was your weekend, my friends?

Friday, February 4, 2011

Things that make you go, hmmm?

Hmmm? Well, I am still "not sure" if I am too tight yet. We had support group last night and I know I wasn't supposed to had some mashed potatoes from TGIFriday's. They were soft so I thought ok. NOPE! I had about 5 small bites and got stuck. Bad thing; I had to leave the meeting 3 times. I did manage to get down about 1/8 c. watered down chili yesterday at lunch and then some various drinks at other times. So, I will be a good girl and stick with the correct post-fill diet today. Breakfast: SF Jell-o and SF Applesauce.

The C25K presenation last night came with some great info for getting into an exercise routine, generally. I will share this weekend. (I left the paperwork at home this morning, oopsie!). I was kind of bummed that everyone in my support group last night was over the age of 60 and I don't think would want to hook up and train for a 5k anytime soon. The bypass/sleeve support group before mine is so full of peeps my age. I've debated asking if I can come to that one, so I could get to know others in the area that have had WLS. I did ask our group leader (who is my age) if she wanted to hook up and run - and she said yes! She is supposed to contact me this next week with her schedule.

Today is Friday, and I am very happy about that....what a week!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hello, fill!

Finally, after 4-weeks of the insurance processing a pre-cert (goodness!), I am back in the land of perfect fill! Well, maybe, I bit to perfect. My fill was via Flouro today, I guess for him to make sure all was ok with my dear band, since I felt zero-restriction since my last fill (6.6cc total) January 30th. I've gotten sick several times since I left the office, from the fill barium/water. He added 1.7cc for a total of 8.3cc in my 10cc. band. I'm on the the post-fill diet for a few days and I do have in mind that swelling occurs. Fingers crossed that's just it and I'm not to tight....

Tonight is my lapband support group! I love these groups. Tonight they are going to talk about the Couch to 5k training and the program. I have it on my iPod but have never made it past week 1. I hope to hook up with a buddy and train together. They want us all to run (or walk) in the upcoming Knoxville Marathon in April. What a fabulous accomplishment that would be for me!! Have any of you had success on the C25K training?

Off to catch up, finally.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011


The past several weeks I've been burried in books studying to sit for a national exam. Thankfully that is now over and I can focus back on me and excercise and focusing on my blog as well as yours. I had read it previously from other bloggers, but when you slack with blogging, your effors w/ eating, working out, ect.. seems to slack as well. So officially, I can't wait to catch up on everyone. I have been THE WORST buddy lately and I apologize, greatly! I can't wait to see how you girls who were banded since December are doing! :)

Last week went great! I reported I was up a few and unofficially, as weigh-ins are still on Wednesday's, I am down 4.5, which puts me only .7 away from my lowest weight post Christmas at 207.1.

Insurance Crazies

My last fill was the Thursday before New Years Eve. I was real skeptical to get it - as I had perfect restriction for the 6 weeks preceding; however was noticing a slight, slight increase in hunger so I asked for a teeny, tiny fill. I was kind of going off the motto "if something isn't broke, don't fix it", but I chickened out and he added .6. A few days post fill, I noticed I was way hungry and was eating BREAD! I called and they scheduled me to come in 2 weeks for an additional adjustment. The morning of my fill they called and informed me the new year with my benefits now required a pre-cert for fills. I finally got the call yesterday, 4 weeks later, saying everything had been processed. It's been a ruff month having to wing it on my own - but I've been successful, well - with loosing the 5 I had gained. My 4th fill is scheduled this Thursday. Can I get a hallelujah!


With the new year comes new goals. I kind-of-sort-of took January off. I blame it on the messed up fill, or lack there of actually, studying for this test and crazy work projects. I am roughly 35 lbs. from my goal. (170) Anything below isn't out of the question, but getting to that point is my goal and will make me so happy. Starting today, I have set my goals into 3 parts at 12 lbs. each. I want to reach my goal by then end of April. My 10 year wedding anniversary is April 7, so if I could reach it by then - that would be AWESOME! I have no doubt I can do it - that would put me at loosing 18.5 in February and March, with working out and getting back on my perfect eating journey - that is so obtainable! I can't wait to get back to the gym this afternoon! I am also scheduling my first session with the physical trainer this week! I'm back and ready to BRING IT!

I hope everyone is doing fabulous! Back to coffee and blogging in the morning; I'm so happy!