Thursday, February 24, 2011

Yes, I have a complaint.

I am a peppy person and never really complain. And as happy as I am with the lapband and my progress to date there are only 2 complaints that I feel are finally problem enough to voice my concern.

  • Shrinking Boobs
  • Hair Loss
A. Shrinking Boobs.

Why? Why did my boobs have to go shrink along with my waist? I was never truly blessed upstairs to begin with and for years, Lane Bryant Plunge bras and I have been straight up BFF's. Through all my years and layers of fat, my boobs were the one thing that, although not Dolly size, left me feeling a bit sexy. Now, I'm paranoid. I feel everyone stares at my lack there-of. And I am scared to death to get fitted to see what my new cup size would be. Before, I was a C, a lowercase C. Maybe if I get a bra that is smaller around (all mine are still 42) then the C cup will still be ok? I'm hoping. Anyone else have shrinking TaTa's? I need relocation lyposuction from my tummy to the boobs; that would solve all my problems.

B. Hair Loss

My mom and brother have gorgeous, perfect, thick, curly hair. Me, I got stuck with my dad's fine/thinner hair and nose. Lovely. I never understood why my brother would be blessed with such perfect hair. He.Is.A.Boy. What does he need with picture perfect locks? I started noticing hair loss about 6 weeks post-op. It wasn't alot, just strands of hair on the counter or vanity. I thought weird, but never gave it much thought. Now, handfuls. Everyday. And this, this is depressing. I get my protein and take my vitamins. When will this stop?

Moving on....

Last night, my band was my superman. && saved me.

Last night we had church and was crunched for time before hand. I had every intention of going home and whipping something up and eating before we ran out the door. Well, on my drive in, I get in front of Mr. Gatti's Pizza and call my husband and suggest we go there. It was less than an hour until church started and by the time we got home I wouldn't have time to cook anything. Convienence, won. So I go through the line - get one slice of pizza and a big ol' fat salad. I still had around 450 calories for the day (putting me at 1100) so I tried to guestimate and behave, although the entire trip through the buffet line I felt guilty and was second guessing my choice and knowing that no matter what I ate, I would exceed my calories goal.

So, I walk to a table and sit.

I take a small bite of pizza.

Thirty-seconds later, I'm stuck.

Who was I to think that I could eat bread? I guess with the bread being hid under a moud of cheese, bacon and peppers, I thought I could pull a fast one over on the good 'ol band.


As I made a mad dash to the bathroom, it was yelling loudly, "Sucker!!"

Within the next fifteen minutes, I made four more trips to the bathroom; by this time, the band was rolling in hysterical laughter.

Husband finished eating and I left, still stuck.

This was a $9 lesson.

I had been a perfectly, good little girl. I was going to sacrifice all my efforts for the easy way out. So what if we had to eat in the car on the way? What the heck did we used to do when we lived at McDonald's?

I'm thankful my band showed me who was boss and I didn't get to eat. I was pissy about it at first. But after I got unstuck and my mind cleared, I was so relieved I hadn't ruined the day.

I ended up having a Petro at home, with homemade turkey chili, low-sodium Frito's, Fat Free cheese and low-fat sour cream. (My favorite post-band meal) And stayed below 1,100 calories.

Don't ever sacrifice this journey for rash decisions. It's just not worth it, ever. Stay strong. Think straight.

We can do this.


  1. Very nice lesson. I can't wait til i have enough in my band that I can't eat pizza without being miserable. Right now, I eat it like once every two weeks. (Sad.)

    My girls are also shrinking, HATE IT. I wasn't very blessed to begin with either and now I'm really unfortunate. At least, that's how I feel in comparison to the REST of me. Maybe when we get to goal we'll feel awesome about them? :) Who knows.

    OH, and I know what you mean about the hair loss. It also happened after I had my kiddos, so I guess I haven't really been paying it much mind. But it's really annoying, isn't it?

  2. Those are my two main complaints as well. I had breast reduction in 2003 and they have remained the same all this time until I started losing weight. I'm probably down to a 38C, I was a 38DD. If you look at my progress pics it doesn't look like I'm lacking in the hair dept but it takes 4 wraps of a hair tie to put it up now, where a few months ago 3 wraps was borderline too tight. I don't know when this will stop/get better! I wish I did. Hopefully when my weight stabilizes and hormone levels even out those follicles will get back to work.

  3. I am so with you on the hair loss. Fortunately, I have very thick hair so its really only noticable to me! I am 11 months out, eating at least 60 g protein a day plus I take Biotine, a supplement for hair. I am hoping the hair loss will stop very soon. Thankfully, its still growing in but than I end up with little pieces of hair sprouting out! Ugh!

  4. I had issues with hair loss around month 5 or 6 for a few weeks then it went away and I've had no more issues. I guess it was my body just adjusting to the weight loss.

    Now as for the boobies, damn, damn, damn. I was always busty 42 D and now I am a saggy 38C. A breast lift and implants are on the schedule for next year, but I totally have what is affectionately known as Boobie Pooling in my bra. It's like they just sort of sit there, the skin just all wrinkly. Next year for my 40th B-Day, I'm getting new ones!!

  5. My boobs are lacking too. I was a C, but now I'm hardly a C. I'm only 23 and my boobs saaaaaaggggggg. It's sad. I'm scared of having surgery. :( I know how you feel.

  6. ugh. Boobs. =/ Pre-op I was a 42DDD, and that was small cup-wise, but it was the largest I could find without having to special order and wait forever. After losing about 50 pounds I was down to a lovely 40DD..I say lovely because it allowed me to shop in Victoria's Secret...who, you would think, would have something for the larger boobied girls...HA! Largest size they carry=40DD. That was a crowning moment in glory for me! :) I even bought some 38DD' I knew they would continue to shrink...

    HA! I got pregnant...and here I am...7 months in and I am at a 44DDD...had to go up in band size to account for needing a larger cup. And. The. Milk. Is. Still. Not. In. I am screwed. =/

    As for hair loss...I had it start about 5-6 months post op. I asked my nutritionist and dr what in the world I could do, because I have thin hair as it is (ever since depo when i was 15-before then it was super thick)...They both told me....

    Prenatal Vitamins.

    They maintain high amounts of the hormones and vitamins that make for stronger bones, healthy skin, and luscious hair (My dr's words...)So I had started to take them, oh, about 5 weeks before I got is better...nails are growing like still sucks...but then again...I am actually preggers who knows what it would be doing if I wasnt....

    Give em a shot...cant hurt...right?

  7. I'm part of the Less Boobs/Hair Club too. I'm told that the air thing slows, stops and eventually comes in healthier after awhile. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. After 2 kids and now the weight loss, not only are my boobs small but..ahem...lower than they used to be. Terrible stuck episode but I feel ya. I wasted $16 on TWO separate meals last week just because I didn't want to give up. Give up, I did and now am grateful for it.

  8. Well I basically lost boobage during the pre-op diet! haha. I used to be a like a C+ and now the lefty is like a C- and the righty is a B+. IT SUCKS!!!

    I have always had super thick hair so I didn't notice much hair loss after surgery. My hair is still thicker than ever. My BFF had major hair loss and thinning though. You can see her scalp now on top and she has tried everything from Biotin to hair thickening shampoos and not much has helped. I guess the last resort is prescription medication but she won't go that route yet. Maybe you can give it a bit more time and see what happens.

    Also, I wanted to ask you about those Pure Protein shakes you told me about. I looked at the Target website and there's several flavors. What flavors have you tried that you think are good???? I am literally on my way to Target tomorrow to get whatever you say! I will try anything at this point! I need a tasty shake!

    Just comment on my last post please! thanks a bunch!

  9. If my tata's are a B these days...they are just barely! :( That has been something to get used to. But I guess I can deal with it as long as the rest of me keeps shrinking!!

    Thanks for the pizza story. It's a good lesson we all need to remember once in a while!

  10. I had my boobs reduced surgically to a C and now they are even smaller after weight I need to have boobs added. It's ridiculous.

  11. Hey lets lose these 6lbs together!! I also have a 1100 calorie goal and I did lose 1 lb this week!! I'm trying to eliminate my after dinner eating and now I wake up so hungry but I can't eat first thing in the morning b/c my band just won't let me.
    OK - lets keep each other on track and accountable!

  12. My boobs have not gone anywhere noticeably yet...but my bras are all starting to feel like they might not be tight enough. They've always been saggy, so when I get close to goal, visits to the plastic surgeon will be in order.

    I was taking handfuls of vitamins myself for a while, but when I got laid off, lost my routine! Since I am back at work, I had been meaning to start taking them again, so your post inspired me :)

  13. Hey Lynne. I have the same problem with the hairloss. It is driving me nuts! It has been coming out in fistfuls since just before Christmas and I don't dare wear my hair out because I just gets everywhere. I went to my doctor about it because I thought it was my thyroid playing up again (I had post natal thyroiditis) so I had a stack of bloods done, including testing protein levels and such. Turns out all is ok, except I'm still a bit low in iron stores which has been the case since having my son just over two years ago.

    My doc said that some people experience hairloss after surgery. I also found this info online. He said it will stop after a while. Well it has been nearly three months and I'm over it. Thank goodness my hair is really thick but still it drives me nuts.

    Fingers crossed it passes soon for all of us!



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