Sunday, January 23, 2011

Owning it

I've not done so well. With blogging, exercise or eating. I'm up a few pounds, but in denial - it's just water weight, right? I've not been over eating - just not eating the right things. I was real leary on blogging about the way I do things, several posts ago. It's kind of silly - but I felt if I wrote it down, I would start slacking. The last month, I've been slacking. Tomorrow is my new day. My gym bag is loaded and I'm ready to go. I'm so, so close to goal. I miss everyone and your blogs and will be back tomorrow. Wishing all the new bandsters much success!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Me! Happy New You!

2011; it's ours - to make whatever we want. And that my friends, is so exciting!

I am so excited for what this year will bring. Top of my list - babies!! If all goes as planned, we will start our 4th treatment in March, maybe February. I know this weight loss will aid greatly and I just can't wait.  I'm also excited about my continued journey of a healthy life style, good choices and new opportunities life will bring my way.

I've taken a week or two off from blogging. With the holidays, family, friends, football - and since I met my end of the year goal, I took a a tiny break. My weight has totally maintained - but I did enjoy some holiday goodies. Today, I start back full force. Banded only 3 months ago and hitting a loss of 51.7 by the end of the year has totally changed me. I feel fabulous, both physically and mentally. My self-esteem is out the roof and I have my smile back. I missed that. Only 38 to go until goal, I pray for my continued success. As I read not to long ago, "I'm still a cow, only a smaller cow". At 207, onederland is the near distance and I'm so eager to get there. I can't wait until this feeling of being the "big girl" goes away. I can't wait until my face slims way down. I think I am most excited about that; I've always had "chunky cheeks". I'm over them already!

I'm back to the gym this week, back to healthy choices, back to rocking this band. I did get a small fill last week, which makes me at a total of 6.6cc. 

I wish everyone a fabulous new year! If your a new bandster - sending much success your way. If your on the journey with me or have reached goal - sending hugs and wishes for continued success. Thanks for all your support thus far. You all are the best!!