Friday, August 20, 2010

o happy day!

We made it to another Friday! This was really a good, good week. Work has been busy, which defiantly helps with the afternoon snacking, which in fact - I haven't done at all. I can't verbalize how proud I am of myself. This is day 10, and not one time have I slipped up. It's been a perfect 10-days of eating healthy, eating right, and staying on tract toward my pre-op 10%. Jay and I went for a walk last night around 8:00; at the park. We followed up with a fat-free yogurt w/ fresh berries from a new local yogurt bar.  Yum!

After work, were heading to my parents for the night. They live close enough for a weekend drive but still too far to travel through the week. Love my trips home! 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


I am peeved.

I called my insurance company to confirm that they had received my claim for pre-cert; since it was "refaxed" on Monday, after being faxed to the wrong office on Friday. They said there is nothing on file. I called my billing person back, and she assured me it was faxed and it could take up to two-weeks to show in the system. This sounded squirley, so I called insurance back again and they said it at the most would take a few days. Long story short, it was received by insurance and is pending. These people are making my head spin.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

dear krystals:

I miss you. I miss your taste in my mouth for breakfast. Every morning, as I pass by your little place there on the highway, I taste your warm, greasy kryspers and your fluffy, cheesy, sunrisers. Your breakfast completed my mornings, I loved you. I'm sorry you were not in any way good for me. You slowly contributed to the demise of my smaller waist. I should've been smart all along and never have fallen into this fatty relastionship with you. It was fun while it lasted but now, I don't need your calories or fat, or your greasy, greasy grease granny.  Stay fresh kid; if you decide to shed some baggage and become a bit healthier, look me up.

The Krystal Sunriser; no bueno on the ol' waisto

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

where did this come from?

Perhaps knowing that this is it; motivation has taken control. I'm down another -2.2 for a total of -6.4. It has to be the drive knowing that 10% gets me banded; I have ruffly 13.6 to go.  Yee-haw!

I told one of my other BF's last night that I am getting banded. She had lots of questions but was totally supportive. We became friends in the 6th grade and she knows the struggles I've had with my weight. She has always been t.i.n.y. but one of the few people I feel totally comfortable around. Here we are this past fall, her so cute and I thirty-pounds lighter:

I still haven't told my parents. I think I have decided I will once my date is confirmed, and one week before. My brother, who had gastric, waited until the night before, which wasn't so nice - she was upset over the sugery on top of hurt feelings. We have the greatest parents in the world! I lost weight once on Weight Watchers and now she thinks thats the answer to everything and WLS is a stupid decision. God love her; maybe it isn't for her but for me, this is what I need and what I am going to do.

Monday, August 16, 2010

way to go!

I had a great weekend.

I made only good food choices and ate only when i was supposed to eat. I'm happy to report, i am down -4.2 since the start of this blog, 6 days ago. go me! having Jay doing it along with me makes it so much easier and provides lots of motivation. Only around 15 lbs. pre-op to go!

I called my insurance company Friday afternoon to verify that my file had been received for pre-cert. Well, they had nothing. So I gave them the weekend for things to get loaded in and called again this morning, still nothing. That makes me nervous. It's now going into the 3rd week that I have done everything I am required to do and am just waiting on the doctor's office. I sent them an email to confirm it had been submitted. I'm impatient but seriously, they have a job and they need to do it.

update: My doctor's office had faxed my preD to the wrong number; so thankfully I checked into this. She refaxed my information this morning, so, the

Friday, August 13, 2010

going, going good!

Yesterday, was a pretty perfect day. Quickly, to recap: I had a slimfast shake for breakfast (super thick, yum), a turkey/swiss on wheat and half salad (and a bag of chips - 4 points) for lunch and for dinner had steamed vegi's with chicken, shrimp and white rice and a small bowl of wonton soup from a local chinese joint that I love. I want list daily what I eat, but just have to point out that this was a very h.a.r.d decision to NOT order orange chicken, or an eggroll. We ate around 5:00 and did not have a single hunger pain or thought of food really, until breakfast this morning. I can't believe it. I went all afternoon and didn't eat a thing. nothing. zilch. notta. HUGE accomplishment! I now know that a meal with lots of vegi's and protien is the key to get me through the afternoon.

On to even happier news; it's been submitted to my insurance. O goodness, golly, gee! How exciting. I do have to say that last night I ended up on some website promoting the gastric sleeve and I became a bit undecisive about the band. But, as Jay said; if I went to a gastric bypass page, I could become undecisive about the sleeve. There are risks associated with any of the procedures; the band still being the least invasive. I've wanted it forever and it could [should] soon become a reality.

One thing I've still yet to do is tell my parents. They know I have been interested since 2005 but prior attempts, they never seemed on board. My brother and his wife have previously went through WLS and although supportive on the day of surgery and thereafter, was not pleased behind the scenes and it only made her more vocal toward me anytime I even hint at it. My brother didn't tell her until the day before and that hurt her feelings although he knows how she is and did it to save her weeks of worry. That's kind of my planned course of action but her and I are a bit closer and I think I would totally stomp her feelings. I thought about inviting her to a local WLS seminar so she could hear everything she wanted to know about WLS; but second-guessed myself because I thought it was start her anti-surgery campaign and make my life crazy during this very important and exciting time for me. What do to...what to do....

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

let's just start over.

Today is day 1, well really more like day 1,856 since i began this journey [read: about me], however; let's just start over. this is the new day 1, my brand new start.  this post all updates since august 1 to play catch up. here we go.

I recently discovered my husband's insurance covered gastric banding; this makes me beyond being uber happy. Finally, after five years, will this become a reality? Benefits went into effect 8/1.  I called my doctors office with the awesome news and find out that the only new requirement for this insurance is to meet with thier nutritionist. So I scheduled immediatly and met with her Tuesday, 8/3. I was really persistent last week with the office to ensure they had everything needed to submit to insurance as soon as possible. I think I pestered them to death, but I have been waiting for five loooong years and ready to move forward. I thought last minute about getting the sleeve, but didn't change my mind. The band is perfect for me.

Today, the insurance person for the office called and confirmed she had verified benefits and what percentage's would be covered and by whom. My file is currently with Dr. C and after review he will sign and return to the ladies who will then submit to my insurance for approval.

I was told to be working on my 10% weight loss needed before my surgery date. Let me explain:

My current stats:

Although my BMI is 40.5 and perfect for insurance, my physician requires that my BMI be below 40 for surgery. So, I am currently working toward the 10%. Once my date is received, I will be placed on a liquid diet 2 weeks prior to my date. In the mean time, I am working toward my 10% and toward my new eating habits that will come along with surgery; 1) small bites 2) chewing.very.slowly.

lovely end to another week.

It baffles me how fast weekends go by. this isn't a new realization but one that I wish didn't have to be.

we had a wonderful weekend. well, almost wonderful - my lovely momma ended up in the ER with really, scary blood pressure Sunday night. for her to go to a 1) hospital 2) to the ER; really meant something was wrong. She is a fighter, a strong soul, and the most generous and upbeat person you could ever cross paths with. But sometimes this is a major weakness for her; well, it is when it comes to her own health. I'm very thankful she sought medical help and that everything turned out to be ok; at this point a few medication adjustments.

Friday, we went to Walmart. Oh, how I love Walmart. I could go everyday, several times a day AND still find reasons to go back. Unfortunatly, in my small town, I live basically between 2 close locations.

Saturday, we had a back to school "Stuff the Bus" event at church with a homemade icecream social. It was a great time, especially spending it with sweet girlfriends from the church. We then skipped down to my hometown and spent a few hours with my mamaw and attempted to make pictures of those precious hummingbirds. It was during this hour of my life, that I officially realized I am in no way a photographer and seriously need to take classes. My fancy angles and wanna be awesome shots, just didn't turn out the way I had all layed out in my head. I will go through them the next few days and share. I am pretty sure the photography class I am taking in Bristol this October cannot get here soon enough.

Saturday afternoon we came back to celebrate the 4th birthday of a BF's daughter. Watching this little girl was so warming. She is so full of expression - each gift she opened, or each cupcake she helped pass out to her little friends you could tell she was the happiest little girl on earth. I wonder if I was as excited when I was 4? It was a great party and such a joy to be part of her life.

Then.....Saturday afternoon we went fishing. Well, let me break this down. I got in the Jeep to go get our spot while dad-n-law and Jay went to get minnows. I pulled out of my drive, topped the hill, curbed by tire, [in my defense, the truck coming toward me was over to far, therefore making me go over to far] called J and dad-n-law to my rescue. Did you know not one person stopped to offer help? Not even the person who intially ran me off the road to curb the tire. Sadly, sometimes southern hospitality here in the south, isn't present. To fast forward, I made it to the lake, they wanted to fish from the bridge, me under the bridge, so I came home. It makes me nervous sitting up there. It's right at the mouth of the tail of the dragon and all those bikes speeding by are unsettling. So I left and got home to catch up on some much needed Zzzzzz's.

Sunday started revival...its was great! Have I mentioned I ♥  my church. It runs through Wednesday. Jay got nomitated to be the 2nd person in the sound room and I the Assistant Nursery Coordinator. I am not sure yet what that intells but happy to be part of the children's ministry.

I'm in a chatty mood today; right? Wishing everyone a wonderful week.

my sweet friend Kasey and I at making ice cream for the
"Stuff the Bus" donation drive.
yum. yum.

a few of some of the supplies donated.

birthday party at the park
love my girls.

the sweetest birthday girl. happy 4th!
what a darling.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

summer cuts.

the men folk around my house are minus hair these days.
adorable either way, but i sure miss the hair.
it makes them a bit more cuddly.
[woolly is good]

wanted: ice cold water

I hope you aren't on your 50th straight day of 90° temperatures, as we Tennessee folk are.
I am always anxious for fall but this year it really can't get here fast enough.
Jay unfortunalty has to be out in this horrible heat several times a day; poor guy. 

We went fishing this past weekend and even those little guys know its too hot out.
I hadn't ever been night fishing so it was a fun and interesting experience. 
Any excuse to go to Chilhowee Lake I'm usually for; it's one of my favorite places.

So this weekend I am going to my mamaws to take pictures of her hummingbirds.
And I am so exited.
I haven't really played with my D90 since I got it in April and I have been studying up.
She has about 100 hummingbirds, if not more; this is a true statement.
I can't wait to share's truly an amazing, unbelievable sight.
My family has always had a love for these sweet birds. 
And this year, I finally got one of my own.
happy. happy.

hey, stay cool! pretty colors and cooler weather are getting closer.