Friday, August 13, 2010

going, going good!

Yesterday, was a pretty perfect day. Quickly, to recap: I had a slimfast shake for breakfast (super thick, yum), a turkey/swiss on wheat and half salad (and a bag of chips - 4 points) for lunch and for dinner had steamed vegi's with chicken, shrimp and white rice and a small bowl of wonton soup from a local chinese joint that I love. I want list daily what I eat, but just have to point out that this was a very h.a.r.d decision to NOT order orange chicken, or an eggroll. We ate around 5:00 and did not have a single hunger pain or thought of food really, until breakfast this morning. I can't believe it. I went all afternoon and didn't eat a thing. nothing. zilch. notta. HUGE accomplishment! I now know that a meal with lots of vegi's and protien is the key to get me through the afternoon.

On to even happier news; it's been submitted to my insurance. O goodness, golly, gee! How exciting. I do have to say that last night I ended up on some website promoting the gastric sleeve and I became a bit undecisive about the band. But, as Jay said; if I went to a gastric bypass page, I could become undecisive about the sleeve. There are risks associated with any of the procedures; the band still being the least invasive. I've wanted it forever and it could [should] soon become a reality.

One thing I've still yet to do is tell my parents. They know I have been interested since 2005 but prior attempts, they never seemed on board. My brother and his wife have previously went through WLS and although supportive on the day of surgery and thereafter, was not pleased behind the scenes and it only made her more vocal toward me anytime I even hint at it. My brother didn't tell her until the day before and that hurt her feelings although he knows how she is and did it to save her weeks of worry. That's kind of my planned course of action but her and I are a bit closer and I think I would totally stomp her feelings. I thought about inviting her to a local WLS seminar so she could hear everything she wanted to know about WLS; but second-guessed myself because I thought it was start her anti-surgery campaign and make my life crazy during this very important and exciting time for me. What do to...what to do....

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  1. I've thought about gastric bypass, the sleeve, and the lapband. Although you may get better results up front from gastric bypass and the sleeve, they just seem so terrifying to me! It is a tough decision. Besides my husband, only my sister knows. I have brought it up to my Sister-in-law before and she was like, well I lost 80lbs on my own, you can to! Grrrr.
    It is a personal decision and I think we all know what is best for ourselves!


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