Tuesday, August 10, 2010

let's just start over.

Today is day 1, well really more like day 1,856 since i began this journey [read: about me], however; let's just start over. this is the new day 1, my brand new start.  this post all updates since august 1 to play catch up. here we go.

I recently discovered my husband's insurance covered gastric banding; this makes me beyond being uber happy. Finally, after five years, will this become a reality? Benefits went into effect 8/1.  I called my doctors office with the awesome news and find out that the only new requirement for this insurance is to meet with thier nutritionist. So I scheduled immediatly and met with her Tuesday, 8/3. I was really persistent last week with the office to ensure they had everything needed to submit to insurance as soon as possible. I think I pestered them to death, but I have been waiting for five loooong years and ready to move forward. I thought last minute about getting the sleeve, but didn't change my mind. The band is perfect for me.

Today, the insurance person for the office called and confirmed she had verified benefits and what percentage's would be covered and by whom. My file is currently with Dr. C and after review he will sign and return to the ladies who will then submit to my insurance for approval.

I was told to be working on my 10% weight loss needed before my surgery date. Let me explain:

My current stats:

Although my BMI is 40.5 and perfect for insurance, my physician requires that my BMI be below 40 for surgery. So, I am currently working toward the 10%. Once my date is received, I will be placed on a liquid diet 2 weeks prior to my date. In the mean time, I am working toward my 10% and toward my new eating habits that will come along with surgery; 1) small bites 2) chewing.very.slowly.

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