About Me

A 31-year old East Tennessee girl on a journey to be healthy, shed this weight and fight our infertility issues. I've have been married for almost 10 wonderful years and have one precious dog, dusty. I'm the Director of Human Resources for a Government intenty and absolutely love my career. I'm super close to my family and my in-laws. I'm a wanna-be photographer. I love shopping; purses, shoes, jelwery are my addictions. Love music and cooking. I also love camping, hunting, and fishing. I'm a country girl with a bit of sass.

My lapband journey has been long. It started way back in the late spring of 2005. Finally after five long years, our group health finally covered gastric surgery and I begin my official journey August 2010.

Submitted  - August 17, 2010, Approved - September 1, 2010, Banded - September 22, 2010.

Read the full story (here) about our journey through infertility and how gastric banding will advance us to our next treatment.