Wednesday, December 9, 2009

sweet letters.

dear hot chocolate,
i love you, especially on cold days. brrrrr.
dear mom, 
i can't wait to see you today!
dear jersey sheets,
you are my favorite thing, jamie's too.
dear body,
thanks for not getting too sick on me, with the season and all.
dear time lights all over TN,
its only fun when I hit every green light.
dear sony camera,
please hang in there.
dear chili's,
we are sad you no longer have chipolte chicken tacos, they were our favorite.
dear winter mittens, scarves, leg warmers;
thanks for keeping me warm.
dear Christmas music,
i'm finally allowed to blast your tunes and love it.
dear car wash,
i need to visit you.
dear mother in law,
thanks for the flowers...very pretty.
dear snow,
thank you for coming on Saturday; it was lovely. come back!
dear career,
thanks for coming back to me in the form of greatness, corner window office and all.

Monday, December 7, 2009

friend making monday: candid moment

i enjoy friend makin' mondays.

to participate, please visit this site to join in.

if you know me, my husband and friends could sit for
hours telling many of my embarassing moments. no kidding.
so, i had to give this some thought, since there are so many.

the bear feather

earlier this year, we went to the mountains
for a picnic and short drive.
there had been alot of things in the local news
lately about the increased bear population.
so, as we were grilling and snacking, a park ranger
came up through the camp area picking up small, small
pieces of trash and food and stopped at our table.
he reminded us to not drop crumbs & to pick up all
trash that bears are coming into camp.
he had actually just ran one
out of the road, right at the
entrance of the picnic area about an hour prior.
me, being me, i got all excited .
really? where? up there? was it big? what was it doing?
yes, im a nerd.
so, he explained kindly answering my interrigation
and told of other stories of bears in the
immediate area over the past few weeks.
he laid down his stick - and got a serious look on his weathered face.
he said, "i got this for my granddaughter earlier,
as it is very special and unique and not many people
can say they have one. i want to give this to you,
i got this from the bear earlier that was in the road".
so, he reached into his pocket - and pulled out a black feather.
a black bear feather.
i got a giddy smile on my face and was showing my
husband and was thanking him while examining this feather.
at that moment i noticed my husband was fighting back laughter.
i asked why he was laughing.
the ranger was still standing there and i said, "why is he laughing"?
my husband just sat there shaking his head.
the ranger, who at this point was probably fighting back laughter himself,
said "i have no clue" this is a unique bear feather and not
many people actually have one.
he walked away.
my husband busted out laughing.
and he then had to inform me that bears don't have feathers,
they have fur.
i insisted, yes they do! thier tale is feathers.
he was in tears. but i was insistent.
i actually even came home to google this.
it was then i realized, they really dont have tale feathers.
i was mortified. that ranger probably thought
i had seriously lost my scrupples.

out of my thousands of "moments", this was ridiculously
so many people have gotten
laughs out of this over the past 6 months; my father-n-law exspecially.
and im sure the ranger has a new story of his own now,
about the "girl and the bear feather".

[picture: the feather i keep, the Jay insists]


Sunday, December 6, 2009

to God be the glory

great things he hath done.
so loved he the world that he gave us his son;
who yielded his life an atonement for sin,
and opened the life gate that all may go in.
i just love this song.

today was a wonderful day for us.

Friday, December 4, 2009

lots of vintage goodness

i spent the day with my mamaw.
my goal was to clean her house and decorate for Christmas; 
i fell in love with her tree. her ornaments, all vintage.
it had been so many years since i had all her decorations, i had forgotten how beautiful everything was.
as we went through her closets, gathering all the decor, she gave me all her sewing stuff from her former sewing room. if you were here, you could hear me squealing......i see visions of a new craft room dancing in my head.

i took her breakfast. made her laugh. decorated beautifully. we had a great day.

have a lovely weekend.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

my favoreeete time of the year

seriously, it is.
as i sit and type from a cozy corner here at the local Panera,
while enjoying my favorite sandwhich in the world, the Chicken Dijon Panini;
im loving the sounds, smells, decor and holiday'ish food and drinks they are serving.
no, my tree isn't up yet. but it will be sunday. and i totally scored an entire assorted box of beautiful red and silver ornaments at the goodwill over the summer, for $2. they were selling for $.50 a piece and i asked how much the entire box would be; and this is a big box. like the size of 2 egg boxes. im so happy. i will post pics.
we had practice last night for our Christmas Cantata at church, it was lovely.
and although most probably don't know what a big deal this really is, Jay actually got up and sang, with us all, on the back row, with the men.
it was great. i was in shock. it really was a big todo.
and i was very proud of him. our program is the morning of december 20.
our new pastor started last night. he is younger than former pastor's but is in love with the Lord and i know will bring great things to our church. we are all excited and ready to grow.