Wednesday, December 9, 2009

sweet letters.

dear hot chocolate,
i love you, especially on cold days. brrrrr.
dear mom, 
i can't wait to see you today!
dear jersey sheets,
you are my favorite thing, jamie's too.
dear body,
thanks for not getting too sick on me, with the season and all.
dear time lights all over TN,
its only fun when I hit every green light.
dear sony camera,
please hang in there.
dear chili's,
we are sad you no longer have chipolte chicken tacos, they were our favorite.
dear winter mittens, scarves, leg warmers;
thanks for keeping me warm.
dear Christmas music,
i'm finally allowed to blast your tunes and love it.
dear car wash,
i need to visit you.
dear mother in law,
thanks for the flowers...very pretty.
dear snow,
thank you for coming on Saturday; it was lovely. come back!
dear career,
thanks for coming back to me in the form of greatness, corner window office and all.

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  1. All wonderful things! Sweet letters indeed. I especially love the hot chocolate one, I could go for a mug of it right now!


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