Monday, February 1, 2010

our fertility journey.

a brief update, we are on go for the February IUI cycle. [insert, SQUEAL]. i will be adding back my previous fertility posts, including our history, over the next few days. i wanted to do the separate blog, but i decided to keep it simple. i will start back Metformin this weekend and just wait for my February cycle, with Femara starting Cycle day 3-7.

marvelous monday. 

[i am uber excited]. it's Thursday after work at the Aveda in Knoxville. i'm nervous. ive always got my haircut at a local joint. but, it's with a master stylist and it's a guy, so i'm really excited about that. so, maybe i think i'll look totally marvelous, post cut. i mean, doesn't all the makeovers on TV, post 'a la fruity, walk away with perfect model hair?

today, i was super busy at work. and i came home and hubby had cooked a super yummy [and healthy] dinner and got a movie. how's that for a perfect ending to a busy Monday? i really needed to clean the bathrooms and finish up laundry, but eh, they can wait. for now, i'm on the couch, snuggled up; no where else i'd rather be.

me busy at work, tee-hee.  (random, by E)