Thursday, December 3, 2009

my favoreeete time of the year

seriously, it is.
as i sit and type from a cozy corner here at the local Panera,
while enjoying my favorite sandwhich in the world, the Chicken Dijon Panini;
im loving the sounds, smells, decor and holiday'ish food and drinks they are serving.
no, my tree isn't up yet. but it will be sunday. and i totally scored an entire assorted box of beautiful red and silver ornaments at the goodwill over the summer, for $2. they were selling for $.50 a piece and i asked how much the entire box would be; and this is a big box. like the size of 2 egg boxes. im so happy. i will post pics.
we had practice last night for our Christmas Cantata at church, it was lovely.
and although most probably don't know what a big deal this really is, Jay actually got up and sang, with us all, on the back row, with the men.
it was great. i was in shock. it really was a big todo.
and i was very proud of him. our program is the morning of december 20.
our new pastor started last night. he is younger than former pastor's but is in love with the Lord and i know will bring great things to our church. we are all excited and ready to grow.

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  1. This is my favorite time of year too!! I have our small tree up right now, with lights but no ornaments yet. Our big tree is in my sister's attic. I am getting it with the rest of our decorations this weekend. I can't wait. This is the longest I have waited to put up decorations! They usually go up the day after Thanksgiving!

    Our church just named our interim pastor. We've been waiting for like 2 years now. It's crazy.

    Enjoy your Panera!! (We don't have those in Clarksville. Which is odd, because it's the 5th largest city in TN!)


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