Thursday, August 5, 2010

wanted: ice cold water

I hope you aren't on your 50th straight day of 90° temperatures, as we Tennessee folk are.
I am always anxious for fall but this year it really can't get here fast enough.
Jay unfortunalty has to be out in this horrible heat several times a day; poor guy. 

We went fishing this past weekend and even those little guys know its too hot out.
I hadn't ever been night fishing so it was a fun and interesting experience. 
Any excuse to go to Chilhowee Lake I'm usually for; it's one of my favorite places.

So this weekend I am going to my mamaws to take pictures of her hummingbirds.
And I am so exited.
I haven't really played with my D90 since I got it in April and I have been studying up.
She has about 100 hummingbirds, if not more; this is a true statement.
I can't wait to share's truly an amazing, unbelievable sight.
My family has always had a love for these sweet birds. 
And this year, I finally got one of my own.
happy. happy.

hey, stay cool! pretty colors and cooler weather are getting closer.

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  1. It is so nice hearing from you again and happy. Hope the happiness continues and more blessings to come. Looking forward to the pictures and stories about those birds. Have a great days ahead.


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