Tuesday, July 20, 2010

hello, my friend.

it has officially been forever since i last blogged. sorry.

let's rewind.....

a. the last few months at work have really picked up and honestly, the computer doesn't interest me after being around it for 9+ hours a day. that's mostly the reason for my absence. b. we are still trying for a precious bundle of joy; we will be undergoing our 4th fertility treatment in August; which happens to be a year we've officially been trying. c. let's see - friendships were reunited; this was a huge answered prayer. d. our relationship with Christ continues to grow as we do in our spiritual walk as a couple; our church is amazing and we are so blessed to be a part of an amazing church and church family. e. garden green beans are soon to be in and this makes me very happy (smile) f. we had a wonderful, perfect week on vacation in early June to Myrtle Beach.

i believe that catches me up. i'll spare all the small, small details and will just do better on staying current.

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  1. Hi! yes It's been quite a while since you posted. It is nice to see you here again/ I just want you to know that like me their are people who understands what your going through. As I read your post I get inspiration and courage that somehow I am not alone in this battle. I maybe far away yet your simple writings reaches my heart and rekindle my spirit.Go on doing what makes you happy and strong for I will be praying for your faith and strength. Have a blessed days to come and thank you for making this blog for it reaches people even oceans apart. :D


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