Wednesday, April 7, 2010

holy matrimony!

today is my 9th wedding annivesary. i am not writing you from a caribbean island, on the beach while sipping on something with pineapple, tanning my not-so-beach bound bod, while the waves are splashing and the smell of the ocean is heavenly. instead, i am cozied up in my bed, fighting this horrible cold-that-feels-like-the-flu. yuck! i officially have the un-official anniversary 2 year curse.  this is the third time i have been sick on our annivesary...i had kidney stones 4 years ago, the flu 2 years ago and now the super crud. i'm hoping Jay will get home early so we can salvage the day with a late dinner and some alone time. hopefully i will be feeling a bit better. a snotty, red nose and horrid cough, i assume, is not his idea of beauty. fyi:: we are going out of town this weekend to celebrate.

a few pics [of] our wedding day.
[copies of pics] well, were kind of old enough where they
didn't have fancy CDs to put pics on]

the ceremony

lighting of the unity candle

                                                         our sweet flower girl, rachel.

our first dance.

the wedding party
[you can't really tell the colors, but they were celadon and periwinkle]

Jay's sweet niece

holy RICE! were under attack!

look how young we were; we were headed out to begin
our life together. [and to Florida for our honeymoon]

how we've grown over the years.

and today - 
were so happy. and still so inlove.

i'm so blessed to still be his "forever".

i love you, Jay.


  1. This is so sweet! I'm so happy for you! And I hope you feel better!

  2. Happy belated anniversary!
    Beautiful pictures.
    I'm sorry you felt icky on a special day =[


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