Wednesday, August 18, 2010

dear krystals:

I miss you. I miss your taste in my mouth for breakfast. Every morning, as I pass by your little place there on the highway, I taste your warm, greasy kryspers and your fluffy, cheesy, sunrisers. Your breakfast completed my mornings, I loved you. I'm sorry you were not in any way good for me. You slowly contributed to the demise of my smaller waist. I should've been smart all along and never have fallen into this fatty relastionship with you. It was fun while it lasted but now, I don't need your calories or fat, or your greasy, greasy grease granny.  Stay fresh kid; if you decide to shed some baggage and become a bit healthier, look me up.

The Krystal Sunriser; no bueno on the ol' waisto

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  1. My affair was pizza. I have missed pizza the most. However, the look of that sandwhich is driving me crazy. I am on all liquids today and my surgery is tomorrow. I still look at food and my mouth will water. I am excited to find out how the "relationship" with food will. I miss all my "no bueno" stuff.

    I am very proud of you for coming this far. It does get easier. :)

    And... there will be some very tough times too.


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