Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spring Challenge - Participant List

Hi sweet girls!

This is the Particpant list including everyone signed up so far! I will update daily with new participants.

The Paypal link will be posted on Tuesday, March 1st. Once payment is received, your name will be changed to black and you will be officially ready to start the challenge!

Nikki at Chasing Skinny.
Kristen at I'm with the band.
Heather at Heather's Banded Journey.
Camille at Livin Large in CC.
Liz at Tales from the Band.
Lyla at Big Fat Professor.
Bonnie at Banded and Proud of it.
Angie at This Banded Mommy's Journey.
Read at My Trek Downward.
The Cozy (not crazy) Coconut at The Cozy Coconut.
Sam at Banded for Me.
Stef at The Road to a Thin Me.
Leslie at Band Sweet Band.
Ronnie at Ronnie's Bandumentary.
Amanda at Stressed spelled backwards is desserts.
Stephanie at Electric LadyBand.
Kiki at Livin' Large No More.
Jess at Big Girl in a Big journey as a bandster.
Angie at I am in Repair...Angie's Banding Blog.
Stacey at Time to Get Real.
Breanne at Lady Lapband.
Sandi at This one time at 'band' camp.
Momto4redheads at Candian girl with a band.
SUchipmunk at Life, Weightloss with Realize, and the pursuit of squirrels.
Shannon at A Fat Wife's Journey to Fabulous.
Kellie at Something About Kellie.
Grace at Grace's Fat Chance.
Amber at Jewell in the Rough.
Angela at A Better Me.
MLM at Banded to Loose.
Sutherngyrl00 at Banded for Life.
Susan at Diary of a Lapband Mom.
Angela at Repair and Renovation.
Jody at One day I will wear stripes.
Joia at Tales from the band.
Jen at It's all about me.
Jamie at Jamie's Story.
FritoBandito at BJ and the Bandit.
Tori at Tori's Tatte Tales.
The Curvy Cat at Fed up with being overfed.
Dawnya at Evolution of a Black Butterfly.
Lisa at In weigh over my head.


  1. I am Angie too but you can refer me as either Banded Mommy or Angie H. Which ever is easier for you. :)

  2. Got another one for you! Breanne @
    commented on my blog wanting to join. Your doing a great job, thanks so much!!!

  3. Even though down here in Australia we are actually heading into Autumn (Fall) not Spring! That said - I will still do it!! I don't want to miss out on a fun challenge and some much needed motivation!!

    Sign me up! :)

  4. Can I get in the challenge? What are the rules??? :)


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