Tuesday, February 1, 2011


The past several weeks I've been burried in books studying to sit for a national exam. Thankfully that is now over and I can focus back on me and excercise and focusing on my blog as well as yours. I had read it previously from other bloggers, but when you slack with blogging, your effors w/ eating, working out, ect.. seems to slack as well. So officially, I can't wait to catch up on everyone. I have been THE WORST buddy lately and I apologize, greatly! I can't wait to see how you girls who were banded since December are doing! :)

Last week went great! I reported I was up a few and unofficially, as weigh-ins are still on Wednesday's, I am down 4.5, which puts me only .7 away from my lowest weight post Christmas at 207.1.

Insurance Crazies

My last fill was the Thursday before New Years Eve. I was real skeptical to get it - as I had perfect restriction for the 6 weeks preceding; however was noticing a slight, slight increase in hunger so I asked for a teeny, tiny fill. I was kind of going off the motto "if something isn't broke, don't fix it", but I chickened out and he added .6. A few days post fill, I noticed I was way hungry and was eating BREAD! I called and they scheduled me to come in 2 weeks for an additional adjustment. The morning of my fill they called and informed me the new year with my benefits now required a pre-cert for fills. I finally got the call yesterday, 4 weeks later, saying everything had been processed. It's been a ruff month having to wing it on my own - but I've been successful, well - with loosing the 5 I had gained. My 4th fill is scheduled this Thursday. Can I get a hallelujah!


With the new year comes new goals. I kind-of-sort-of took January off. I blame it on the messed up fill, or lack there of actually, studying for this test and crazy work projects. I am roughly 35 lbs. from my goal. (170) Anything below isn't out of the question, but getting to that point is my goal and will make me so happy. Starting today, I have set my goals into 3 parts at 12 lbs. each. I want to reach my goal by then end of April. My 10 year wedding anniversary is April 7, so if I could reach it by then - that would be AWESOME! I have no doubt I can do it - that would put me at loosing 18.5 in February and March, with working out and getting back on my perfect eating journey - that is so obtainable! I can't wait to get back to the gym this afternoon! I am also scheduling my first session with the physical trainer this week! I'm back and ready to BRING IT!

I hope everyone is doing fabulous! Back to coffee and blogging in the morning; I'm so happy!


  1. You are so close to goal. I know you can get there. I'm getting a fill Thursday too so hopefully it will be a turning point for both of us.

  2. I'm so glad things are settling down for you and I hope you did well on your exam.

    Fingers crossed for a good fill!

  3. good thoughts coming your way for your exam!! and I too am glad things are settling down for you - I've missed YOU!

  4. happy to hear your exam is finaly over for you :o) & good luck with your fill!!


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