Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hello, fill!

Finally, after 4-weeks of the insurance processing a pre-cert (goodness!), I am back in the land of perfect fill! Well, maybe, I bit to perfect. My fill was via Flouro today, I guess for him to make sure all was ok with my dear band, since I felt zero-restriction since my last fill (6.6cc total) January 30th. I've gotten sick several times since I left the office, from the fill barium/water. He added 1.7cc for a total of 8.3cc in my 10cc. band. I'm on the the post-fill diet for a few days and I do have in mind that swelling occurs. Fingers crossed that's just it and I'm not to tight....

Tonight is my lapband support group! I love these groups. Tonight they are going to talk about the Couch to 5k training and the program. I have it on my iPod but have never made it past week 1. I hope to hook up with a buddy and train together. They want us all to run (or walk) in the upcoming Knoxville Marathon in April. What a fabulous accomplishment that would be for me!! Have any of you had success on the C25K training?

Off to catch up, finally.



  1. Good to see you in blog land!! :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog as well! I have done what we call the 'walk/run 10 km' and it is 13 weeks of running, the lowest is the first week of 30 sec intervals to actually running 40 mins without stopping...I did this last year and competed in my first 10 km run...exhilarating!!! Have fun, if I was there I would have been your buddy! ;)

  3. Yup! I'm should do Week 6 Day 3 today but I'm going to repeat Wk 6 Day 1 b/c I don't quite feel ready. I started it to transition myself fron the treadmill to outdoor running. It's working for me!


  4. I hope this fill gets you to a good spot.

  5. I got my fill too. I only got .4, but am up to around 8.2ccs. Hope it gets both of us to g-spot.


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