Friday, February 4, 2011

Things that make you go, hmmm?

Hmmm? Well, I am still "not sure" if I am too tight yet. We had support group last night and I know I wasn't supposed to had some mashed potatoes from TGIFriday's. They were soft so I thought ok. NOPE! I had about 5 small bites and got stuck. Bad thing; I had to leave the meeting 3 times. I did manage to get down about 1/8 c. watered down chili yesterday at lunch and then some various drinks at other times. So, I will be a good girl and stick with the correct post-fill diet today. Breakfast: SF Jell-o and SF Applesauce.

The C25K presenation last night came with some great info for getting into an exercise routine, generally. I will share this weekend. (I left the paperwork at home this morning, oopsie!). I was kind of bummed that everyone in my support group last night was over the age of 60 and I don't think would want to hook up and train for a 5k anytime soon. The bypass/sleeve support group before mine is so full of peeps my age. I've debated asking if I can come to that one, so I could get to know others in the area that have had WLS. I did ask our group leader (who is my age) if she wanted to hook up and run - and she said yes! She is supposed to contact me this next week with her schedule.

Today is Friday, and I am very happy about that....what a week!


  1. Its wonderful that you've found someone to run with - it's always better with a support system!

    Have a terrific weekend!!

  2. It's so much easier when you have someone to exercise with. I find I'm much more motivated to get to the gym if I know someone is waiting for me there.

  3. TGIF! Sounds like you are too tight. I've been wanting to start the C25K program. Great news you have a run partner.

  4. I am scared to run! I really am. Maybe when I hit below 200 I will start. Grrrr.
    Good advice on my blog. The only thing I can't make myself do is eat eggs. I am so not an egg eater. two things. Raw tomatos (except in salsa) and eggs! I do need to find something more filling for breakfast. Hummm

  5. I always think potatoes will work for me and every time I am wrong!! They turn to like glue in my stomach and give me such problems!! It just wont click in my brain that I can't eat them!



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