Thursday, February 10, 2011

Got my ass, kicked!


This is one hot mess. 

One hot mess after a totally kick ass session, my first session, with my personal trainer. 

Every muscle in my body aches and I feel like I'm gonna drop to my knees at anytime. 

But this, this is good. No pain, no gain, right?

This will be my new motto until my goal. is. met. 

Bring it!


  1. I love being one hot mess! Off to do my own workout now!

  2. Personal training is hard! I've been seeing one since July. I STILL feel like I'm going to drop to my knees. lol

  3. Good for you - I too love being one hot mess - you can't escape that you did something good for yourself when you're one hot mess - way to go!!

  4. I think you look pretty damn good for after an exercise session. Hopefully your trainer is hot.

  5. LOL @ Bonnie. Unfortunatly, it's a she ;) Yes, I was hoping for a Bob Harper look alike!

  6. Honey you look great! I've just been banded - cant wait to get to where you are! xx


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