Sunday, December 12, 2010

Goals, you just gotta.

When I started this journey in September, I read and read your blogs. I took note of everything, big and small, that helped each successful bandster. Consistently, it was setting goals. I had never been a goal setter, with a plan, agenda and time. I would casually come to a conclusion that I needed to get something done and would just do it. It was very unorganized. Perhaps, that's why I always failed.

So, the day before my surgery, I sat down with a piece of paper and identified where I was at, where I wanted to be and when I wanted to be there:

start: 258.8 [heaviest weight ever]

goal 1: by Labor Day
250  [ 9.11.10]

goal 2: by Halloween
235 [10.27.10]

goal 3: by Thanksgiving
220: [11.25.10]

goal 4: by New Year's Day (50 lb. loss)

goal 5: by January 31

goal 6: 10th Anniversary, 4/7

I've hit everyone one of them and am only 4.7 away from hitting my New Year's Day goal 208.8, which will be a loss of 50 lbs. I'm so.freaking.excited! Setting these goals have really made this journey the success it's been. It's actually, for me, been fun! So, thanks to those who have shared their "tricks of the trade" to aid our journeys. I leave you with a few of mine:
  • If I put it in my mouth, I write it down. If you have a Realize Band,, is fabulous! If not, there are free sites such as and I know you may think this is time consuming but if you prepare your meals the night before, take 5 minutes to journal. 
  • I cook my own food. Having total control over my nutritional content gives me the power to consistently make healthy choices. I've eaten out 4 times since being banded - I searched for nutritional facts online before I went and stayed healthy with choices under 350 calories. 
  • "Eat" my protein. Protein shakes are actually not recommended after you are graduated to solids, post your first fill. As we know liquids go straight through; we benefit from solids. 
  • I don't drink my calories. 'tis the season for some yummy Starbucks - be careful! 
  • Only protein for snacks. I've actually had a snack maybe 4-5 times since being banded, and that came before a workout. I love me some beef jerky!
  • If I want something specific, I don't eat it: If I can specifically say "I want a piece of buffalo chicken pizza with extra jalapeno's, that's just head hunger. I listen to my tummy and don't eat unless I for sure know it's ready.
  • Exercise. It's def a love/hate relationship; but I like the energy is gives me. 
  • I don't keep snacks around. Again, I've not been a snacker since being banded. And even when I see something I think would make a good healthy snack, I just don't get them. Why start the habit?
  • Graphing. I use several graphs to track my loss. It's exciting to see the progress downward. 
  • Pictures. Each little milestone I hit, I take pictures. The changes excite me! 


  1. So happy for you. I was hoping to be 50 down by now, but am not there yet.

  2. I can tell that you totally "get" this band lifestyle. You've figured out most of it. Keep sharing what you do to work your band...spread the word!

  3. Yes listen to Lap Band Girl! Keep sharing!

    Try as I may to be a rule follower I am struggling and reading posts where people are working their band is very inspirational to me!

  4. Great goals and great tips! Thanks for sharing!

  5. You're doing great! Love these tips!


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