Monday, June 29, 2009


im so thankful my head is attached. this, i do agree with the sweet hubbs.
now, this happened a few weeks ago, but i felt it blog worthy. lol

so, i had errands to run earlier in the day - bank. walmart. back home.
i walked to my garage.
got in the car.
my phone rang, i answered and talked.
i made it about a mile down the road and realized that im not sure if i had my visa
or not;
so i pulled over at the nearby gas station.
put the car in park.
and looked for the card.
jackpot: it was laying [for somereason] in my console.
so, i put the car in drive.
proceded to talk.
and headed toward stop 1, the bank.
now, its important at this point to remember i never have exited the car, since i left the house and most importantly since i found my card lying in the console.
i pulled up to the drive thru window at the bank.
rolled down my window.
reached out for the teller tube.
opened it. inserted ticket.
reached out to put the tube back
and hit the send button.
[still chatting on phone]
a minute passed.
i repeat. [reach. open. take. reach. put back]
i leave window, heading toward wal-mart.
i pulled in parking lot.
got off phone.
and for the next
20 minutes i realized that
my visawas no where to be found.
it wasnt in the console. or on the floorboard. nor between the seats.
or in the backseat. or in my purse. or in the door. or over the visor.
nor was it in any other nook or cranny - in the car.
how, o how....can i loose a card that was laying in the console and within
a car that i never got out of?

whew. i make myself nervous. *silly grin

so next step. called bank. canceled. [still] waiting 2-4 weeks for a new card.

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