Thursday, June 18, 2009

its been a long, hard, lonely & stormy week

so, here i sit, thursday afternoon, literally counting the minutes until my husband comes back home. i have missed him an unmeasurable amount. he left this past sunday (for a work training in atlanta) and returns tomorrow. please, friday...please hurry.

storms have been awful the past week. seriously, the worst our area has saw consistently in, like...kind of as long as i can remember. im petrified of storms. probably to the extent in which i need therapy. ive asked my parents if i was traumatized somehow has a child, resulting in my escalating fears as an adult. no events are remembered. they assume they just didnt really realize how terrified i was of storms. mom & i getting caught in the funnel clound/tornado that came thru farragut in 2004 only intensified my fears. i really wish all could understand the anxiety they cause me. yes, im 29. yes, its embarassing to admit this. but we all have our fears, right? yours, heights? or darkness? mine, storms!

here are just a few pics of last nights storms. these are wall clouds that entered by back yard twice. these clouds produce below the thunderclouds and often produce tornados. it was a very long, long night. blah. other than the heat, humidity and bugs, this tops the list of "the things i cannot stand about summer". lol

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