Monday, March 29, 2010

happy monday.

Another wonderful weekend! I finally got to spend some time with mom Saturday morning. I miss our time together! But life happens and sadly it took our weekly Saturday shopping trips away. I'm thankful Dad is off weekends but I do miss the time with mom dearly. Afterwards, I met a friend for dinner. Jay had to work a Home and Garden show Saturday afternoon, so my day worked out well. I wanted to go camping this weekend, but that kind of didn't play out. [i really, really wanna go!] Sunday we celebrated my brother's 37th birthday in my home town and on our way back home, Jay and I stopped and fed some ducks at a marina between the rainstorms we had been having pretty much all day. We hung out there for a while; I really miss our lake house! I love being on the water.....

  sitting on the docks.


on the shore.

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