Wednesday, March 24, 2010

in love.

my nikon D-90 arrived yesterday. i am so, so happy.

photography is my passion. both taking and looking.  it just took so long to get my camera for two reasons, pricey being the first and never being able to justify spending that on myself, being the second. sweet Jay totally surprised me with an early anniversary gift to help get the camera. thank you, love. i have to admit i was a bit bummed last night when the few pics i took didn't turn out like perfection. this is silly, i know. there is so much to learn with this camera and i am excited to begin. i know what type of photographer i want to be. hopefully the weather will be perfect this weekend for a day trip to the mountains.

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  1. So I think that when I have a baby I will fly you to Boise and pay you to be my photographer! Because 1. I want you to be here! and 2. I need great pictures!
    Loving you


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