Monday, March 22, 2010

where did it go?

so as i sat and bragged last night about how happy i was with the arrival of spring, it's now apparant that i hadn't tuned into the forecast and discovered that today was going to be like a cold, winter day. blech! we went from sunny mid-60's to low-30's and overcast. dang you, east Tennessee weather!

the movie new moon arrived in stores friday night. i love the series, but not a diehard fan to know the DVD was coming out. well, friday night my dog had a boo-boo and so Jay had to make a last minute wal-mart run around 10:00p. he was amused when he returned home, telling of the line that was wrapped almost one and a half times around the store, waiting to get their hands on this movie. when he checked out, the cashier said some had been there since early, early that morning and had traveled from several cities over to score a copy. well, Saturday afternoon, we went to dinner and Target; and there at check out #5 was about 300 copies of new moon. no long line included.

although i find the wait silly, i have to admit i once did the same. and my story is kind of embarassing compared to waiting on a DVD. so i was fresh out of high school, maybe the summer after and my bf and i had somehow turned into wrestling fanatics. yes, major redneck. but at the time who could pass up watching beefy guys with long hair, wrestle? for a minute, it was love. well, we found out that [the then] WCW was coming to a college arena about an hour and a half away and we wanted ring side. tickets went on-sale on a Saturday. the bf had to work. so, i loaded my car and drove to the arena, set up my tent, had my cans of beenie-weenies and store brand coke [remember: college years] and hung out with the other crazed fans through the night, to be the first to score tickets. my efforts landed us 5th row ring-side seats.

haha. o, the memories.

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  1. ugh. e. tn weather is the pits. snow this morning, maryville. dislike. majorly. lol


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