Sunday, March 21, 2010

hello, spring.


the first day of spring was yesterday.
we had such a long, cold, blah winter. the worst winter in years, i think.
and never enough snow to play in only enough to make for horrible travel.
so, what a joy the sunshine has been for the soul!

things have been going wonderful and we have been so busy. 
we are anxiously still waiting to hear from the state to get new 
foster child placements. we took a class a week ago for our recertification. 
i think we have only one class left and other than updated paperwork, it 
should be a quick turnaround.

work, church, and family are all good on our end. i've finally found a balance
to it all. i'm looking forward to my second Pampered Chef show
this coming friday. my first one was yesterday and it
was perfect. 

now, the weekend is winding down and the the first storm of the season
has just arrived; o beautiful rain.

have a happy week.

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