Saturday, September 18, 2010

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y love.

The weekend is here and I am only 4 days away from surgery. The past 10 days have only gotten easier and the new me is well on it's way. The scales continue to make me happy; I'll report my official pre-op weight on Tuesday. Honestly, the liquid diet turned out way much easier than what I initially thought. I read so much how it's so hard and how so many fail. The first few days, yes - I thought it would be impossible, there were tears and anger. But each day got easier and here I am, stronger and more focused than dedicated than I have ever been.

I don't think any of this really kicked in until yesterday at work. The 1 co-worker that knows popped in to see how I was doing; I told her how much I had lost. She joined the mom bandwagon in that I can just continue what I'm doing and loose and not have surgery. [no, thanks] But it was in that moment that I realized how far I had come, how successful the last 9 days had been and how in a week, I will be banded. For the first time, I officially felt excitement. A different excitement from when I found out I was approved and even a different level from when I got my date. I was excited. I wanted to tell the world. I wanted to cry. I wanted to laugh. this is really happening! 

Last night we had the 1st birthday of my best friend's little boy. Hot dogs, chili, chips, cake; note: not one thing entered my mouth - score! Today, my brother and his 5 kiddos are coming for the weekend. I'm excited. The cabinets are stocked with goodies, the rooms ready; The babies range in age from 2-12. They haven't been up in  a while so Jay and I are anxious for them to get here.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

sweet Thomas's 1st Birthday 

love him SO much!

Jay and I [I can tell we've lost in this picture!]


  1. Great job n the pre op diet! Good luck to you on your has been the best thing I have ever done for myself. My good friend just had her surgery yesterday. I am so excited for you both!

  2. I too was worried people would start telling me "just keep doing the pre-op diet & you'll lose weight"! However I think you're successful on it because there's an end in sight. If you had to try to lose all the weight on it, I doubt it would work. I found the clear liquids after surgery to be the hardest. But with an end in sight, we can get through anything!

  3. Can't wait until you are an official bandster.

  4. who in the world would be able to do that pre-op diet forever! I will not join the people who say to keep that up! :) You've done great and I know you are nervous and excited! I can't wait to read more! I am counting on you to give me the ins and outs so I am prepared too!

  5. You're doing great! My mom suggested that my hubby get banded (he's working on insurance requirements) and I could just eat what he eats. Yeah..right. You're almost there!

  6. Hi Lynne! I am being banded that day after you :) I found you through Paige's blog - can't wait 'til we're on the other side!!!


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