Thursday, September 16, 2010

Moving right along.

I can't believe it is almost Friday. This week as moved right along; honestly, so much quicker than I thought. This time next week, I'll officially be waking up as one of the cool kids; an official bandster club member. Sometimes I can't beleive this is finally really happening. If you haven't saw, I'm so, so thankful for this blessing! I'm astonished at the menal transformation I've went through this past week. I've read so many variances that physician's use for the pre-op diet; mine as we know has been liquid's. Although I wasn't too happy about it last week, I wouldn't have wanted it to be any other way; it has prepared me for life after banding. I couldn't imagine just having to quit food cold turkey 2 days before surgery and waking up just having to do right. I've re-learned what will power is; I needed this lesson.

We toured the Wellness Center as I talked about on Tuesday. It was so nice and perfect. The fitness floor (1st floor) has all the cardio, weights and weight machines, etc. Across the hall are the locker rooms, which are nice. Through the back door of the locker rooms is the Aqautic Center. The Aquatic Center has a hot tub, therapy pool and lap pool. Love it! Personally, I see myself in the water alot this fall/winter. The upstairs of the facility is where all the classrooms are for fitness classes, which are all also included in the free 6-month membership. There are so many awesome classes offered; I picked up the class schedules for fitness and aqautics and have already coordinated in my schedule for the week after surgery. The Nutritonists offices are also up stairs in which we can meet up with through appointment. Massage Therapists are by appointment only also. My first day, I get a fitness evaluation. They will walk with me, evaluate where I am weight wise and what fitness level I feel I am at and write a workout program for me, to be evaluated at my first Personal Trainer appointment. How great is this!

I started my pre-op meds last night; a nose cream (to kill staph) twice daily and then my tummy scrub. I tried to take pictures of my pink tummy, but it was so comical with my husband putting it on, all I could do was laugh. It ended up everywhere! I'm hoping tonight want be as messy!

Leaving with this, I weighed in this morning, I am down -12 lbs.  I am so happy. I'm now weighing in at 246.8. Only 6.9 away from the 230's.

Leaving you with a bit of a glow today.



  1. Sounds like you're moving right along. 12 lbs is awesome! Keep up the good work!

  2. You are going to rock this band!

  3. The Wellness Center DOES sound perfect!

  4. Congrats on the great loss so far. You are going so well, good luck with your surgery.


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