Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Weigh-in Wednesday

Official Weigh-in Day: 236.4

Loss: - 22.4 

Loss since I was banded 9/22/10: -4.3

My first official weigh-in is over and my scales are gonna get chunked out the window. I weighed 3 different times on our new scale, with the lowest 234.5 and once on the old scale. My official weight came up on both, so that's what I went with. Does anyone have a scale they recommend. I am not happy with our new one. How can I get totally crazy numbers like that?

Today was my 1 week post-op follow-up with my Physician, in which I got cleared to start the Wellness Center. Also, I get to start soft foods today! [o happy day!] I am so excited. I feel like I have a glow; something I haven't had in a long time.

Saturday is the our county walk for obesity, sponsored by the Hospital and Wellness Center. Ashley Johnston and Koli, the winner and runner-up from last season's Biggest Looser, will be there. I really want to walk but am getting 3 of my neices and nephews Friday night so I have to coordinate their visit. I love the BL! I find so much motivation in thier stories and feel so good that I will be excercising right along with them this year. Oh and the fact that Bob Harper isn't that shabby to look at.


  1. I am just back from vacation and I wanted to see how you have been doing!??! No advice on the scales as I want to throw mine out too. I weighed the same amount last night after dinner as I did this morning! How can that be!?

  2. Sounds like fun. Tell Bob I said hi.

  3. Not sure about the scale - I kinda have a love hate with mine.

    I start soft foods today too....such a lovely feeling. Oh...and I'm jealous of the BL love you'll be feeling this weekend!!

  4. Mine is from Thinner brand - I bought it at Bed, Bath and Beyond maybe 2 years ago for about $40 or so. It's pretty consistent.

    Yay for being cleared to mushies! I had my follow up today, and my doc is standing strong with this 10 day thing...sigh.


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