Sunday, October 3, 2010

Guess what?

Today is my birthday. I can't believe I am 31. It seems just like yesterday, I was counting the seconds until my 18th birthday, ready to take on the world as an adult. I thought I knew everything, yet was so innocent, so ignorant, so not ready. I stumbled a few times before I got the whole adult thing down and since have had a pretty lovely, simple life. Turning 30 last year brought lots of change for me, personally speaking. I learnt to be strong, stay strong, and let go. I've learned who the true people are in my world and I've learned to love wholly, including myself. I've always struggled with confidence and up until this past year it effected so many areas of my life; nothing major but some struggles here and there. I have a few more things I need to tweak and get down pat; those are works in process. I'm looking forward to the future. Here's wishing for skinny and babies within my next year of life.

I am little over a week post-op and things are slowly falling into what I would assume to be bandster hell?The last several days, eating slow I can keep it all down. I'm eating more than I know I should be and what I'll be able to with restriction. I have had some restriction but not like it should be. I've had a stuck episode once; it was painful. Eating slowly and chewing, chewing, chewing is a work in progress but getting better each day and I should be totally in habit by my first fill, which will be October 20th. Question: How many cc's were your first fill? How many fills did you get before you felt restriction?

On a yucky note, my first goal was to be down to 235 today. I didn't make it. The culprit? Since the pre-op liquid diet, I am having terrible problems with bowel movements. I've been going once per week, with aid of a laxative. To much information, I know and I apologize, anyone else have this problem?

I'm loving the fall weather and am looking forward to the lovely events that will soon be popping up for the seasons ahead. I'm ready to bring out the fall decor, light some yummy candles and enjoy some cider.


  1. Happy Birthday! My 30s were great, but 40s are even better. My surgeon lets me be the judge of the fill I get by drinking water and letting him know how tight I am. I'm also lucky that he lets me get fills every 2 weeks until I get restriction. I've had 2 ccs each for the first 3 fills. My last fill gave me some definite restriction, but it only lasted about 2 weeks. I go for my 4th fill this Friday and am hoping it gives me some longer lasting restriction. I haven't had bowel movement issues yet, but know that a lot of bandsters do.

  2. Happy birthday my dear! Here's to a fabulous year! Perhaps you may need some more fiber. Have you ever tried the powder fiber that dissolves into liquids and food really well? I used it after I got out of the hospital earlier this year (non band related) it seemed to help. Good luck!!

  3. Happy birthday! Never had an issue with the bathroom, lol sorry!

  4. Happy Birthday! You sound like you're doing great post -op.
    On your fill questions - I had 4cc's for my first fill(my NP was aggressive, but it was OK because I probably had 4 or 5 fills before restriction. Everyone's different - I just need a lot of fluid in my band.

  5. Happy Birthday! The 30s are GREAT! 40 even rocks!! ;)

  6. Happy Birthday! We are the same age :)

    During pre-op, I went a tiny bit every night from the veggies I was allowed. During post op, it took me about 4 days to go and it was not fun. Once I added thicker liquids that were NOT protein shakes back in, started going more often. I think it was the potato soup - potatoes have fiber.

    I would add some benefiber as Amanda suggested until you can add some back in naturally.

  7. I'm just a few weeks earlier than you (9-16). I haven't had much problem with going. I keep drinking water to make it all happen - and they've reduced a lot since being on all liquids. Try some pinto beans maybe or black beans? Something with fiber and protein and is somewhat mushy? Hang in there - the weight will come once your system gets back to flowing!! :) I'm jealous you'll be getting a fill about a week before me!! I'm feeling a little restriction but am nervous for the next few weeks ahead of me.

  8. Happy, Happy Birthday to YOU!!! And, I agree - 30's are terrific, and 40's are even better!! My birthday wish for you is that you be blessed with all things good and wonderful....

    And, that.. uhm.. everything "comes out smoothly" for you today and always!!

    Happy Birthday!!

  9. Happy Birthday!!! As for the TMI question, YES! I've had this problem consistently since being banded. Finally getting pretty regular as I eat more "normal" food. I've been putting a scoop of benefiber in my morning shake (having a hard time getting a real breakfast in) and that seems to help quite a bit.


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