Tuesday, September 7, 2010

hasta luego, baby!

We are in from my real "last" meal before surgery. I wanted Mexican from my favorite place in town. 

It was good. Perhaps, sensational. I savored every bite as each bite was one step closer to the last taste of bad decision that would ever be placed in my mouth again. Then after coming home and taking my before pictures (see: my pictures), I was totally disgusted at what I saw and my stomach has been in knots ever since. Personally speaking, I've never really know how much weight I had gained until we took these horrid pictures tonight. I guess my phototaking over time had evolved to angling the camera to capture my "skinny" side. I'm so angry with myself. And my measurements (see: my progress); really? I'm just a blob of space. Grrr. 

My fridge is now stocked with all the yummy sugar-free goodies I can have (6-servings per day) in addition to Unjury. Jay stocked up on similar items, to tweak his diet to go side-by-side with me during this 2-week Liquid Pre-op; he is so awesome. 

Wow, tomorrow begins an entire new life. I'm so happy, so nervous, so thankful. I'm so excited to meet the "new me" that awaits over the next few weeks, months, years. 

Sugar-free goodies.
....now off to enjoy my last carbonated drink! 


  1. I found that SF popsicles were delish after surgery! In fact, they are all I could stomach for a day or two.
    You are going to do great--I just know it!

    P.S My capcha was "losinist" or Lynne is "losin' it!!" :)

  2. i just found your blog and went ALL the way back. i am so happy i did. we have so much in common: i'm on day one of my pre-op and my last meal was mexican too :) also, i have PCOS and have been struggling with my symptoms for several years. my endo said no to lapband, that bypass was a better choice, but i knew it wasn't for me. i always feel so excited when i find a PCOSer with a lapband who's been successful. gives me so much hope. wishing you continued success in your journey!


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