Wednesday, September 8, 2010

it's beginning to look alot like fall.

Which just happens to be my most favorite time of the year. As I type, I notice the trees outside my office window are changing colors; beautiful! We've had such a hot, hot summer. The cooler mornings and evenings are such a welcomed change. I have a closet full of cute scarves I cannot wait to wear; I have a zillion scarves. I just love 'em. I acutally love fall/winter clothes the most. [looking forward to smaller jeans this season]

My birthday is a few weeks away; October 3. I'll be 31this year; it was a great year. Probably the best I have had since I turned 21. I think the twenties were for learning and thirties you take what you learned, and live. They say fourties are spectacular; I'll take thier word for it....I don't want to rush life to get there. I wanted to do a hot-air balloon for my big day; but I dunno - I think I may be a bit too chicken for that.

Speaking of birthday; I got an early present on Monday. We bought a Jeep last year and still had my Altima we bought in '02. I l.o.v.e.d that car. But, in it's old age it continued to show more and more signs of it's 190k miles and we were driving it less and less, putting more miles on the Jeep. So sadly, we let it go. I hope we get the life and mileage out of our new car; I love VW's and have wanted one for a long, long time. Happy Birthday to me!


  1. Wowow!! What a wonderful Birthday Gift - it's beautiful!! You're going to enjoy it!!

  2. :) Thank you!! I'm totally in love....

  3. Hi there! I'd never had a tube down my throat before this surgery, but the anesthesiologist was so great, when I woke up I didn't have a sore throat or anything. Looking forward to reading about your journey! Love the new car.

  4. Thanks Blossom :) I read that in my pre-op material and totally freaked out; but it did say I wouldn't remember if all went ok. I'm nervous over the IV too. I'm just a baby ;)

  5. Hi Lynn, thanks for commenting on my blog.

    I agree with you, winter clothes are better - I have heaps of scarves too.

    YOur new car is hot!



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