Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day one: a success!

The first day of the not-so-lovely liquid diet, is over. And to be honest, it was horrid. Not so much because it was all liquids, but out of the only few things I can have, everything is really hard to drink/eat and by the end of the day, I was starving. My LD consists of only the following:

4 Unjury shakes per day (2 w/ fat-free milk, 2 mixed with Crystal Light)
*what is mixed w/ Crystal Light was horrid; the Chocolate Shake was ok, the smell is yucky.

Then, I can have 6 servings out of the following:
Sugar Free Jell-o
Sugar Free Pudding
Fiber One Yogurt (4oz)
1/2 c. unsweet applesauce
1 c. Cream of Wheat (plain made with water)
1 c. Tomato Juice.

The Cream of Wheat was tolerable, the celery is my fav as is the sugar free Jell-o. The pudding and yogurt is a texture thing and I am scared to try the Tomato Juice. I only had around 600 calories yesterday. Maybe thats why I was starving. I'm waiting for my Dr's office to open, so I can see what vegi's I can have; that will help alot. I've had a horrible caffeine headache since 10:00 last night; it actually woke me up around 4:00 this morning it's so bad. I just took 2 Advil. Now, I'm ready to face day two.....

Side Note: We went to Target last night and fall decor and halloween decorations are out on the shelves; exciting!


  1. I find that my protein powder has a funny smell too, so I drink it through a straw. That seems to help! Good luck with this...I thought it was the hardest part of the whole process, to be honest!

  2. Sounds.. uhmmm.. Liquidy! But, you're doing it and that's all that counts! Just keep it going!


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