Saturday, September 11, 2010

Did you tell?

I'm typically not a bragger, but having a perfect weekend strictly on my liquids I couldn't help but give myself a little shout-out. I don't recall a Friday or Saturday in history that we haven't ate out or been invited to eat with friends. I was super nervous heading into the weekend since after all, going cold-turkey to liquids only has been a huge adjustment. But, it's been a success! Also, my sweet husband has been so amazingly supportive and is still walking side by side with me during this phase. Last night, we made a quick trip to our local GNC and found a yummy Banana Cream Isolated Protein shake mix; yum. yum. yummy! We both got snazzy shake cups and also a new blender with a smoothie setting. Today's shakes have been the best yet!

With just a few days away until surgery, I am still on the fence about telling people. Quick recap; I've told my parents, parents-n-law, 1 co-worker and 3 of my close friends. I don't really have any reasons not too tell people, but am having a hard time doing so. I'm curious, who did you tell? When? What were their reactions? I'm doing this for me, for my health and for our fertility. I guess somewhere deep inside, I worry that people will think this is an easy way out. For those, they really have no idea how uneasy this is and is going to be; but people have their minds made up. Unfortunately, I'm kind of one of those girls who fall victim to caring way to much of what others think.

Hoping everyone has had a wonderful weekend! We've done mostly errands, cleaned the vehicles, and are now nestled in for the evening watching college football. [go vols!]


  1. My parents know (obviously since I live with them), my sister, my ex partner, some of my closest friends, and 2 of my old professors that are really just friends.

    I think I'm going to tell everyone (probably make an announcement via Facebook and post a link to my blog) when I hit 100 lbs lost. I'm still deciding, though, because I know judgmental people can be (like you said, it's assumed to be the easy way out). I don't want to deal with their BS when I know this is still just as hard as losing weight the old fashioned way. Like you said, some people have their minds made up and nothing you do or say will change it.

  2. I didn't tell co-workers because I'm just not that close to anyone there, plus I didn't want them watching me all the time. All my family knows and a few close friends. Some people tell everyone, it's just whatever works for you.

  3. I told my family (parents, brother, sis-in-law) and my close girlfriends (about eight of them). I'm not working now (if I was, I probably wouldn't tell everyone, just maybe if I was close to someone). There were several people I didn't tell. I mean, I WILL be eating healthier and exercising, so if people ask how I'm losing weight and I say that, it's really true. I'm just a fairly private person (haha except for my two blogs) in real life. I just don't think it's everyone's business!

  4. Hiya Lynne! We have very similar goals...but it looks like you will have surgery sooner then me! :) The biggest reason for me doing this is fertility and health (and looks of course). But we've had a few miscarriages and I figured that I better get healthy just in case that prevents me from having another...however if we don't get preggers then I want to be skinny-er!

    I have chosen to keep this a bit quiet. My parents and sister, my hubs of course, and then my 3 closest girl friends. All of these people are super excited and thrilled to help me through. Anyone else I am not ready for their comments. Other people I know might be very supportive however I can't take the behind the scenes comments they might start spreading around! I want positivity only! :)

    Where in Tn do you live! I live in Western NC! Nice to meet you!

  5. Hi Lynne. Saw your comment on the BOOBS blog and wanted to come by and wish you good luck. To tell or not to tell is such a personal decision. I told my family, friends and coworkers. They were all very supportive. If casual friends notice my weight loss and ask how I did it, I will tell them.

  6. Thanks everyone for your comments :) Seems as though most of us has dealt with who to tell. Through each of your comments I've been able to evaluate what is best for me. Thanks so much!

  7. Hi Lynn. At first I only told my parents I was thinking about banding after I forked out $600 for Jenny Craig (not incl. food) and failed, after a succession of other diet failures. They were very supportive. My sister found a lap band book on my desk at home and started asking questions with doubt until I took her along to an information night and she was totally sold.

    I avoided telling friends for ages. I have a relatively low BMI for banding (started at 32.5, 220lb) so a lot of people thought I was crazy and should just be able to lose the weight through diet and exercise. I'd tried that all my life and failed!

    Finally I thought, stuff it, its my life and these are my best friends, they gotta love it or leave it, told everyone and got very mixed reactions but now its done they are all very accepting and supportive.

    Good luck with your surgery, and I really look forward to following your journey!



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