Friday, September 3, 2010

i've been approved!

I've been APPROVED for my lapband surgery. Praise Jesus! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I've not been blogging because I really had nothing to write about until I heard if I was approved or not. I didn't want to bore everyone with what I had eaten, when and where I had walked. If you read when my journey began, this has been a very, long and painful wait. I first pursued banding in 2005. Through my first denial and changing companies twice, I finally an insurance who covered gastric surgery. I am so happy right now!

The last month wasn't exactly smooth. Apparantly there has been a change in office staff since my visit last November. My nutrition appointment was on 8/4. The paperwork wasn't faxed to the insurance company until 8/13. When I followed up on 8/16, it hadn't been received. My Dr. office admitted it had been faxed to the wrong number. 8/20 is wasn't showing received yet; but finally confirmed they had received it, but wrong department. This past Tuesday, the national account for my medical insurance still had not receieved it as my Dr. office had never called and set up a verbal file, which is needed to submit to the pre-cert nursing department for approval. My Dr. office called and set this up. I called today to make sure everything had been received and set-up; to be told I had been approved and was given my approval number. If you are beginning this process; you are your own advocate. Always follow up with your insurance company and make sure your Dr submits all needed documentation upfront to avoid delays.

I called my husband first thing; tears flowing. I called my mom, who I had told since the last blog and although she doesn't agree with it, wished me much success. (I know she will be there on my surgery day) My dad is still working but sure mom will tell him before I can this afternoon. I called my mother in law and two of my best friends; they are all I am telling for now. I then called the Dr. office to confirm my approval and to see if they had recieved the paperwork from my insurance. She confirmed they had received it and she had 30 charts she was working on today, and would hopefully get back to me this afternoon.

I've lost about 5 lbs; so still about 15 to go. Next stop: liquid diet. And hopefully a surgery date before my birthday, 10/3.

Enjoying this beautiful pre-fall day.....


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