Monday, September 14, 2009

no highheels on a hiking trip

not to many weeks ago as i was taking an afternoon stroll through blog land, i came across a quote, that i decided to steal borrow as my own.
"its like kenneth cole meeting coleman".
"hmmm!", i thought. "i totally relate".
 let me explain.
growing up in a small [not really quite so city, city] city.
make-up, high-heels, & coordinating jewelery were breed into you,
starting at birth with dresses, matching shoes & frilly socks, i was always a poster child for Proffit's [now Belk's]. im sure, through looking at pictures, i had coordinating blankets.
as years transitioned into teen years, appearance and all things girl, were a requirement of my daily routine. i remember "dressing up" to go to the mall, which was always like a vacation, as we just weren't a mall family. but, i look back now and imagine what a dork i looked like, wearing probably my sunday's best with white hose and shiny black patton shoes, while everyone else was running around in their tight fit 80s jeans and a oversized shirt.
i would've laughed at me.
but, its how i was raised. dress well. your best. at all times.
so, as an adult, i dress well, my best. at all times, but with a disclaimer:
i will trade my labels in for a faded pair of liberty overall's, anytime!
married into a family with a passion for mountains as deep as my love for the latest Sephora eye shadow, i was forced welcomed into a whole new world, one i had never known.
what? no electricity? no cell phone? no cable? are you serious? just call me when you get back!
this was normal conversations pre-engagement. they were not getting me in those creepy-muggy, bug infested, snake slither'n, dirty muddy, woods. never.
but i went [was kidnapped] once. & from that day forward, my passion for the mountains feel quickly as did my love for my hubbs.
as a girl in a mountain world, there are alot of compromises that all must make on a trip, as my can't-live-without-the-conveniences-of-home demands, must be met. at all times.... but i'll gut a fish & hunt w/ the best of them. thank the cotton-genius for pink-camo!
so, if your afraid of the great-out doors, like i once was....seriously. take off the heels. put on a hoodie & grab some jeans. get the coleman set [latern, cooler, tent, etc] & go.
trading the heels for some hiking boots.
you'll fall in love.
pink'y promise.

the heels will be there when you get back home.
nothing can compare to a weekend in a place
like this [above].


  1. Thank you for the sweet comments that you left on my blog. I really appreciate it. I love your blog and I'm following you now!

    I like the quote you posted. I am fairly girly, but I don't mind roughing it a little bit either. My family has a house in the country that is by the mountains and a river. It is so peaceful there. I'll never forget the fun memories I have from there fishing with my dad, taking hikes, swimming in the muddy river, etc. This post reminds me that it would be nice to take a trip down there soon and disconnect for a weekend!

  2. stopping over from sits! that pic is beautiful! i'm glad you gave it a shot!! i just told my hubby that i'd like to go camping for our i think we definetly have to!

    have a great day!

  3. Visiting from SITS.

    I'm a little bit of both. I love to get down and dirty and camp whether there are shower facilities or not. But I also love getting dressed up all cute and girlie. I guess I love backpacks as much as handbags, you could say.


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