Tuesday, September 15, 2009

we are the lucky ones

recently, i discovered that through life events, you find out who your friends really are.

a friend is:
     someone you laugh with, endlessly.
     someone you tell all your secrets too.
     someone with an unbreakable trust.
     someone you can't imagine going a day in your life, without.
     someone who invests as much time in to you, as you do them.
     someone who makes you feel as important, as they are to you.
     someone who will never turn their back on you, even through a hard time.
     someone who is a million great things that can't all be listed.

i remember my friendships as a young girl. they were not complicated at all, only carefree. they were simple. they were honest. they were pure.

you met under the fort on recess & spilt the days secrets, knowing that "cross my heart, hope to die, stick a needle in my eye", that they wouldn't be told to anyone.

there were the meetings at the crossroads, racing up to the woods, with sack lunches in tow - to spend the summer days reading. drawing. laughing. playing....riding bikes, squirting the water guns and the icky boys, until you heard your parents shouting from the distance that it was time to come home for dinner.

all the countless notes that we spent the whole periods writing, to make sure they were perfect and not leaving out any detail from the previous hour, so we could pass after class in the hallways.

as we got older, it turned into endless telephone calls. driving around after school, working the little PT job to have money for Friday's after the game. a new pair of jeans. or the latest bath & body scent.

 it was all so simple.

then life happened.

ive been blessed with several life-long friends, who are indeed my bestest friends on this whole big planet. im thankful for those friendships. cause see, these paticular friends are still pure. life doesn't always offer us simplicity but these friendships have never failed. through any trial, error, rejoiceful time, exciting time; these girls have always been there.

how lucky are we, the ones who have been fortunate to experience true friendships. friendships that are constant. friendships that are there, always. friendships that are pure. friendships that are love.

like many things in life, friendships too come and go. there are a few who are fortunate enough to make genuine, new friends along the way, minus complications and unforseen obstacles. & for these friendships, how greatful we should be.

if you have a friendship worth holding on too, be sure you do.

because we are the lucky few.

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  1. Nikki, I know we have had our times and we have had our fights but you are indeed a true friend to me that I will love till the end. You are someone in my life that I cannot go a day without thinking about. I really hope that we stay close and always be there for each other no matter what. I know I am that way with you and I know that you feel that way for me. I am so blessed to have you in my life and in my families life. You and J-Ray are such great friends and I love the both of you!! ((HUGS))


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