Wednesday, September 16, 2009

a girl of few words

today was defiantly a funky, didnt-go-with-the-flow at all, could've-crawled-back-in-bed & burried-my-head, non-productive day. yuck!


  1. Great post!! LOL! I wondered why I haven't seen any blog posts from you! You moved your blog!! But I found you. Glad to see you're still here!

  2. I so have had many a days like that. Considering this was posted Wednesday, I hope the rest of the week was better to you.

    Wanted to say that I browsed around your PCOS blog. I too suffer/ed from PCOS. Hubby and I TTC for 26 months, before I (not we) gave up. I got prego that next month on Clomid. I don't know much of your history, but please keep the hope. I'll be thinking about you, and hope it all works out!

    Stopped by from SITS.


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