Friday, September 18, 2009

thinking softly.

sorry about the pathetic brilliant post the other day. this week has been stressful and i have just been busy so busy. i am excited to spend the weekend catching up on my favorite blogs.

as ive gotten older & my endless curiosities of what google can produce, i have taken a greater interest in my house. ive always been, well bluntly OCD about where things go. how clean things are. where not to put something. everything has a place & it has to be there. im sure most thinks that sounds normal, but not in my household. im maybe, sort of a little bit of a control freak when it comes to my house and am fanatical about everything. but its my house & i am allowed too. plus, its pretty, overly clean. all the time. & thats great.

i find humor in how personal style changes, when once you couldn't live without. once as in only, 16 months ago. im now in the phase of everything in every room & every thing in my house needs to be new or redone. im no longer the "pattern" person. i totally love rooms full of softness and neutral colors; overflowing with plush pillows and sophisticated simplicity. my younger years held patterns of big & bold prints with matching lamps, busy wall decor and silly matching light fixture plates.

i chuckle as my head slowly shakes back & forth & my mind quickly produces the appropriate words...
"what was i thinking?"

im ready to go on a mission and i can't wait to share our renovations. first stop, our bedrooms.

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