Saturday, September 19, 2009

home, sweet home

this weekend was started by having dinner with two of my long time, best friends - much needed time, i should add. 
these are 2 of the friends i referred to in a post a few days ago, and i love them dearly. 

my husband works for a wonderful company, that someday i think will present the opportunity to move away. we have talked about it, of course. how awesome and exhilarating it would be to uplift and move your whole life & start a new adventure. new cultures. new climates. new friends. new parks. new cuisine. Seattle, for some reason always tops my list. perhaps, the rain and cool weather - most of the year. 

but for now, our home is here, with our family. our parents are the world too us. i live only 45 minutes from my parents, my home town and often feel light years away. i find it silly actually that i ever even entertain the thought of moving away. im sure i wouldn't last a week. 

 im from a very small town, actually. a little, little city. it really has no more than 3 red lights and an interstate, sitting amongst a few rivers. it was the state capital for a day. that was always a U.S. Government assignment during school, to go to the courthouse and copy the monument. i should honestly have it memorized. by everyone's junior year in highschool, it was your life plan to move out to the big cities. after all, you had to drive 30 minutes to get the mall. dine-in restaurants. and since the explosion of social networking sites, i was amazed to find that so many of these people destined to leave town the day after graduation, still live there today. they work there. they have started their on family there. i used to find it quite amusing but now i am realizing that the older i am getting, the more i really could move back there. 

its peaceful. beautiful. its a simple town. an older town. its just home. 

kingston, tennessee

this is one of our pharmacies
that's been around since my parents
 were babies. 

this is a view of downtown.
you can see the courthouse
& TVA smoke stacks.

this is a fort at Ft. Southwest Point
There was a battle here, you can
find out more by google'ling.

this is our greenbelt in the city park.

the First Baptist Church on the main road.

this is the main dock 
across from our high school.

this tops many barns in the area.

a gazebo at Whitestone Inn.

we really have beautiful land 
for such a small town.

a beautiful barn
these are common throughout the area.

this is my land.
this is my home.


  1. beautiful photos. looks very peaceful!

    happy sat sits sharefest!!!


  2. I know exactly what you mean about living in a small town (we don't even have a red light) and always wanting to move to a big city and yet we all still live here.

    Thank you so much for the comment!
    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

  3. Hi. Visiting from SITS. Your town looks very nice. I'm from the city, but now live kind of out in the country. I'm still getting use to it.

  4. wow. did you take those pics?? if so i am wondering what kind of camera you're using?? my new super duper olympus (equivalent to the nikon version) is going to give me sharp pics like that soon! or at least once i get use to it. lol


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