Sunday, September 20, 2009

my A-Z guide at just the right time

doing some sunday afternoon reading, i ran across a few things that i personally have been questioning lately. turning 30, has been a huge thing for me, since my twenty-fifth birthday. i was twenty-five until last year, when i finally stopped whining about it and accepted it has a good thing; a new an exciting era to live and accomplish things that i have looked forward to, or a new beginning to do things that i have put off. so, unlike prior reservations, i will not spend the day in bed. with a box of kleenex. a gallon of chocolate ice cream. and photo albums of pre-thirty years.

im sure like most, everything didn't go as planned for me, in my twenties. and with less than 2 weeks left, i don't think i have much time to accomplish the things that i didn't. reality is, i can't dwell on the past. this is something i have got to learn. i think its one of my husbands biggest knudges. "let the past rest. learn & move on from it. you only borrow stress". i have to agree with him.

in this months issue of Redbook Magazine, there was an article titled, "Get Everything you want. Your complete A-Z guide".  there were only a few that hit close to home and got the ol' wheels a turnin'. i was greatful for these random bits of advice. somehow, they came at just the right time.

A all the affirmation you'll ever need
it directs you to find a meaningful mantra that can instantly connect you to your best self, while providing inspiration and comfort. it informs you to choose a word that suggest what you want in life. although there are many words that came to mind, as well as phrases from other literature and poems, the one listed fit me perfect. i choose love i will now practice saying this as instructed, when i awake and before bed. i will say it during the day when stress settles in or i will say it when met with opposition. if i consistently choose love, there should be no dull moments or crisis. less stress and no drama. this shall be my new mantra. what's yours?

B better customer service
this was directed right-to-me. i think the author had gotten complaints from charter's technical service department about me. i needed this advice. i assumed all along that this company had only hired idiots to answer the phones to i guess what was an attempt to help with our issues, but only to successfully pass us along to 7 others with 7 different languages. i always end up slamming down the phone. maybe if i would not become so stressed during this time, i would have more luck. although this is really a minor, silly thing. with charter you have to call alot, so there have been a lot of hangups. so now, anytime i have to call an 800 number for a customer service related issue, i will now be on my best behavior.

G the guts to say what you really think
i stink at this. if a situation calls for confrontation, i always just beat around the bush in order to "protect" their feelings, while mine are just getting trampled. i am alot better than i used to be. growing up, i had no "stand up" about me at all. which in younger years, they really weren't needed, except to defend myself from my older brother. teen years, it would've been nice to have. now, although i will portray my feelings to someone, its never full honesty. i will only say minimum in order to protect them. screw my feelings, right? they surely don't care. so not to be spiteful or mean, i will work on this. i come first. i look out for me. that's what is important.

H an hour of peace and quiet
this never happens. not that my life is super busy. i am just so scatterbrained at times, that i am constantly going from one thing to the other, to accomplish the "one thing" i started on an hour ago. this will defiantly be a change for me, even if it doesn't involve nightly bubble baths, serenaded with the soft keys of Yanni and lit softly by candle light. perhaps i should find pleasure in just cleaning the kitchen, listening to soft music or a new tune.

J a job i really love
this has been a huge struggle for me since 2006, when i was laid off, then decided to be a stay at home foster parent for 2 years, only wrapping that up with a try in a new career. sometimes change isn't good. unfortunately, i have found out the not so happy way. my professional career will get back on track. the medical field is just not for me. corporate america, i'm running back to you!

K good karma
although i am total southern baptist, i do believe in karma. i think its roots are from knowing right from wrong and the golden rule, "do unto others as you would have them do unto you". i should work on my karma. get in tune more with myself. i think somewhere over the past few years, with things being so out of norm, i lost a little bit of my true identity. this defiantly tops my list.

L you deserve love
i do! and thoughtfulness. and affection. and attention. i will do more. give more. even if its not reciprocated in all aspects of my life, i will be the one to come out on top.

O to be more outgoing
i am outgoing to an extent. defiantly not the crawl-on-top-of-a-table while dancing all night &; all drinks are on me - type of outgoing. no longer will all my eggs be in one basket, its to easy for them to break.

Q quality time
i will shake up my solo routine! my habits sometimes fall in rut and i don't produce enough time to include time needed for family. friends. charity events. i will defiantly add more jazz, and the peeps i love, into more areas of my life.

V Joie de vivre
the joy of living.
i will cultivate my own joie de vivre by taking pleasure in all aspects of my life, big and small....and finding a balance between mind and body.

so now, i will await my thirties and smile as they are approaching.
the anticipated changes are exhilarating. i see good things. accomplishments. growth.

i see a breathe of fresh air. 

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