Saturday, July 18, 2009

weird. smeird.

i do not believe in all the astrological - stars are in
alignment. this is your sign, jargin.
if you do, your weird.
-now, moving on.
[insert giggle]
so, recently, ive had i believe 3 very troubling dreams.
not going into specific details.
but it involves the loss of a loved one.
- a very close loved one.
&& it came again last night.
the type of so real dream. you wake up
in tears. and it takes you 3 moments to snap out
of the "that was only a dream, niko that
was only a dream".
so. there i sat. in my room.
alone. center of bed. it was early morning.
the sun barely peeking from behind the clouds.

& then here - comes the curiosity.

i tried to talk myself
out of it. but, already my hand had led me to the
laptop. to the mouse. to the internet. to
my favorite search engine.
and slowly the word appeared: d r e a m s
what was i doing? searching for the meanings of
dreams on the internet? why dont i just pull
up my tarot card readings while im at it?
so here i sit. what to do now?
id gone this, why not read the results?
[insert deep breathe] *click

first few links:
death + loved one = marriage
death + loved one = birth
death + loved one = concern
ok. catching on. doesnt seem creepy.
so, apparently i am concerned over someone that is
getting married and having a baby.

page 7.
death + loved one = need to sale house & move.
death + loved one = cut ties with that stressful relationship.
page 8
death + loved one = you have fallen out of love with this person. your
relationship is not as close as it use to be.
death + loved one = this is a sign to set your pet lizard free. the unhappiness
of the pet lizard is being portrayed thru your dreams.
page 9
death + loved one = the abundance of moldy cheese you keep in your cupboards
is resulting in ill-maintained relationships.


what the what?
so now, i am suppose to sell my house because i have fallen out of love with someone who has a pet lizard and keeps moldy cheese?

so, i leave here today. distressed. that the
search engine, my fav of all time, did not
come through for me in my dream interpretation.
& im now stressing more over the pet lizard & moldy

on to clean the cabinets and check closets for
a trapt reptile.


  1. I found the muffin pan idea on the just fill up all the holes with different foods instead of putting it on a regular plate. For some reason kids love eating out of it. Sometimes it just takes something a little different.

  2. hehe! i love those dream interpretation sites, i love how they give you like 10 different possibilities, til you find one that might slightly resemble your issues.....kinda like a psychic. lol

  3. I wouldn't stress too much about it. The devil tends to put things like that in our heads.

  4. HA! I just saw your comment on my blog about the "its the pick up shoes - put ur clothes in the basket - close the shower curtain - use the dishwasher, not the sink, things he needs to work on." Hehehe. I have to admit, we're working on those things too. LOL!

    OMG! I just noticed that your profile says you are in Maryville! That's where my dad grew up! How cool!


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