Friday, July 17, 2009

and it was then, i realized.

my husband sometimes
complains, always, that it takes way
to long for me to get ready.
and that i get too dressed up for everything,
even for just a trip to the grocery store.
so i teased him that i from then on
i will just
get up. get dressed. run the brush through the hair.
brush the teeth. throw something on. & go.
& so i did. just one day. and the one day that i did.
ran into an old friend. i looked like a mongrel. im sure.
i felt like a mongrel. i know.
& it was that day i realized.
there is nothing wrong with being a high maintenence girl.
so i tell him, either continue to complain
or learn to have more patience.
for i am. and will always be, totally girly.
and will always take entirely too long to get ready.
and will always over dress for the occasion.
i just dont do jeans and tshirts.
and it was then, i realized.
that was ok.

i need some new shoes.


  1. I can relate! my husband says the same thing to me, but I'm just not that way. I have to be "presentable" when I go anywhere! I get it from my mom :-) I think it's good though and besides, most husbands complain about their wives who stop caring how they look. our husbands are lucky to have us ;-)

  2. Unless you take 4 hours to get ready, then I don't think you need to worry about anything. One of my best friends literally takes that long to get ready. It's crazy.

  3. I can relate to as I am sure many women will. Men just don't get it lol.
    Have a great day!!

  4. Yup, he should learn patience. If you love and are comfortable dressing up before going out, do it. Heck yeah! It's up to you, not him. :)

    from SITS

  5. good morning from SITS - following your cute blog!

    I find that it's worth the extra time, also -- our entire town shops at the same grocery store and I can't really just stop in without a little mirror time.

    have a great weekend.

  6. Girl! You would hate to run into me on a grocery store run!! LOL I've been known to roll out of bed and throw on flip flops and be out the door. HA HA
    But I am by no means, girly! Nope. ;) OH wait....
    I do have an obsession with Sephora and more so one for Bare Escentuals. teehee


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